The Gorgeous Spice Company

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The Gorgeous Spice Company makes wildly original spice blends for the kitchen adventurer and culinary free spirit in us all. The heart of the Gorgeous experience is our custom blends, and here’s why: Blends are fun. They’re versatile, they’re easy to use (and hard to overuse), and they encourage experimentation. You don’t have to fuss or be an expert to get great results.

All of our spices and blends are fresh ground and hand-blended for us locally. We grind them in small batches using a manual process that preserves their natural oils, which is where the flavour is!

Team Members

Lindan Courtemanche - Founder


Product Description:

The Gorgeous Spice Club is a way to fall in love with cooking all over again. Each month, members receive everything they need to discover new flavours, play and experiment with them, and then bask in the amazement of everyone they cook for.

And with each month’s spice release we produce The Gorgeous Zine. This monthly email is packed with articles about the origins of that month’s spice, its pop-culture credentials, wellness benefits (all spices are delicious, but some are actually good for you, too!), insights from professional chefs, more recipes and serving ideas, links to cool spice accessories products we’ve discovered, and even a streaming playlist to give your kitchen just the right spicy vibe.