Third Culture

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Third Culture is a narrative-driven production company based in Toronto, Canada. Our work promotes cultural diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Under the leadership of company directors Maya Annik Bedward and Kate Fraser, we provide development and production services to the Canadian screen-based content industry. 

Team Members

Maya Annik Bedward - Producer & Director

Kate Fraser - Producer


Third Culture Media is a multi-platform production company that examines the way cultures interconnect in our increasingly globalized society. We make compelling, high quality content that reflects Canadian contemporary society.

With a new generation of Canadians, who understand home as a concept that includes multiple localities – in Canada and abroad – Third Culture fills a gap for storytelling where borders are subjective, identity is fluid and culture is ever evolving. Third Culture has a mission to promote diversity on screen and behind the camera by actively engaging women and people of colour in lead creative roles.