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REALM is a cultural agency that provides one stop service on content, production, and public relations. We dedicate to serve clients in both Canadian and Asian markets.

The team focuses on digital branding, production, and public relations to help clients from East and West to establish and strengthen cross-cultural collaborations and pioneer opportunities in digital platforms. Our team possesses unique strengths in cultural creativity and multilingual agility. Apart from branding and communications, REALM will bridge and foster Sino-Canadian trade businesses in investor funding, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic launches.

Team Members

Wing Cheung - Founder, Head of Public Relations & Strategy


Product Description: 

REALM focused on TWO major market segments, for B2C (Business to Consumer) market, we provide services included Film/TV/Commercials, VFX and CGI, E-Commerce advisory and campaigns (Sino- Canadian market), and Media Buy. For B2B (Business to Business): we help business to corporate on preparing research and press materials for market expansion, funding, merger and acquisition (M&A), through bridging the public relations and presentation needs on campaigns. Services Included: Copywriting, Cultural Research & Development, Digital development (UI/ UX), Market research campaign etc.

Press, Awards & Achievements:

Apart from business excellency, Wing is also a professional voice talent, host, and actress.

Selected credits: Pulse of the city (AM1540 Prime time evening show), Fun Expo (AM1540), Cadillac (Weibo live host), Italian Contemporary Film Festival ICFF (Emcee), ICCRC (commercial), CP24 Promo (commercial), Thorns of Tenderness (on camera), T booth/ Costco (commercial), Ozion (Voice), Jazzy Jeans Company (On camera), Royale Tiger Towels (Voice), Moneris (Voice), Experience Thailand (Host), One Toronto Gaming (Emcee), E-Star International (Emcee) etc.

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