Little Engine Moving Pictures


Little Engine Moving Pictures is a creator-driven television, feature film and interactive production company specializing in innovative live-action, hybrid and animated series for an international audience. In 2015, Little Engine’s debut kids series 'Now You Know' was nominated for a Prix Jeunesse and a BANFF World Media Festival award, and sold to over 100 territories worldwide. In 2017, Little Engine was commissioned by TVO to create and produce kids’ series 'Canada Crew' and 'Canada Crew Interactive' to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. In 2019, Cutie Pugs TV series and Companion Interactive was nominated for a Prix Jeunesse, 2 Youth Media Alliance Awards, a Kidscreen Award, and a W3 Interactive Award, and won a YMA, a Kidscreen, and a W3 Award. Little Engine is quickly building a reputation for creating inventive, award-winning, leading-edge series for Kids and Family.

Team Members

Maria Kennedy - Co-Founder


Product Description: 


STARSEEKER is a Sci-fi adventure comedy series in development by Little Engine Moving Pictures about 3 very different kids who are unwittingly recruited to the Galaxy's best kept secret: the Interplanetary Space Guard, where with the help of teen alien Velana, they embark on extraordinary intergalactic missions as the first young human crew of the ISG Starseeker.

In late development with demo cast: Alina Prijono, Dorian Giordano, Jadian Toros, Grace Peddie, Frank Meschkuleit, Jamie Shannon, Rhoslynne Bugay and Jen Brizard.


Learn your ABCs, simple words, and seasons of the year with the Cutie Pugs! The Cutie Pugs—Penny, Petey, Poppy and Pablo—learn their ABCs and simple first words in a series of fun, educational and accessible animated shorts for preschoolers ages two to five. The pugs leap into action in playful backyard and close-to-home adventures with characters and objects that begin with the theme letter of the episode. In each adventure, they play with the “word object” and often get into mischief in their signature cutie pug style.

Press, Awards & Achievements:

Since 2011, I've developed, secured financing for, and produced 4 Kids TV series, 3 Companion Interactive websites, 24 digital games, 3 feature films and 1 documentary - including Now You Know, Cutie Pugs, Canada Crew, Yard Rescuers, Diverse City and The Limits, created by writer/director Ben Mazzotta. My debut series Now You Know (78x7’), which I co-created, sold to over 100 territories worldwide. Little Engine series have been nominated for numerous international awards, including: Best Kidscreen Preschool Interactive Award (won), Best Youth Media Alliance Award for Preschool TV (nominated), Best Youth Media Alliance Award for Preschool Interactive (won), W3 Digital Marketing Award (won), 2 Prix Jeunesse, and a Japan Prize. My first self-financed feature film The Limits won Best Canadian Drama at Reelworld and was sold to SuperChannel for almost four times its production budget. I am a proud Filipina Canadian who hires diversity parity and gender equality on all of my productions.