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Peeps is an independent magazine that shares stories that put context before events. We work with social science researchers, primarily ethnographers, from around the world to develop their peer-reviewed findings into narratively engaging stories, pairing their writing with world-class photojournalism and design. Our editorial and design team, comprised of cultural analysts and designers driven by cultural theory, assure that the same rigor applied to the production of the original research is upheld through translation to a popular readership and through design. The result is a deeper dive into the whys of the whats that you read about every day in an information resource that is accountable, ethically produced, and verified (and a damn fine read!).

Team Members

Anya-Milana Sulaver - Publisher, Executive Editor


Peeps is a quarterly digital publication that features in depth stories about people and cultures around the world. A membership-based project, Peeps also offers regular newsletters and curations from around the web that offer a human-science perspective on the world we live in.

Press, Awards & Achievements:

  • Magazines Canada Award Grand Prix Awards, Best Non-Fiction Special Interest Story 2017 for Winning and Losing in Modern China
  • Stack Awards 2017, Shortlist Best Launch, Shortlist Best Original Non-Fiction Story