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NeedsList builds software and solutions for a new era of global crises. Our flagship software powers faster and sustainable humanitarian action with real-time matching tools. In addition, we offer workshops, design sessions, and strategic consulting for organizations interested in innovating their approach to humanitarian aid and natural disasters. NeedsList has been deployed in over 20 countries including in partnership with USAID for the Bahamas response to Hurricane Dorian. Cumulatively our company has moved over two million USD in resources to local communities around the globe.

Team Members

Natasha Freidus - CEO, Co-founder

Amanda Levinson - COO, Co-founder


Product Description:

We’re changing how we prepare for, respond to, and recover from rapid onset and protracted crises. with our flagship software. NeedsList aggregates and matches needs and offers in real-time to foster collaboration between stakeholders and reduce waste. Partners can invite users to post product, service, or funding needs and offers before, during, and after crisis. NeedsList tracks the value of all in-kind supply and product needs to provide reporting and auditing data.

Press, Awards & Achievements: