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SEL GHEBREHIWOT VIDEO PRODUCTION Inc. is a full service strategy and production marketing agency for businesses looking to successfully use video on all social media platforms. Mixing creative original content with well informed brand strategy, we know how to connect businesses with their audiences and how to create lasting engagement. From brainstorming to production to execution, we've got everything businesses need to get their social video running. 

Team Members

Sel Ghebrehiwot - Founder


Product Description:

We offer multiple service packages such as Simple Production, Strategy and Production, and Full Service. In Simple Production our company provides full production services for social media video across all platforms. In Strategy and Production our company researches and develops full campaign creative and roll out strategy as well as produce all content. In Full Service the company would be responsible for all elements of production, including research, strategy, creative, production, and uploading and roll out. Our goal is to meet the company's social media video needs and make it so easy.

Press, Awards & Achievements:

In 2018 Ghebrehiwot was featured in German art magazine Kunstforum, and has had art displayed in Akimbo and Now Magazine’s online publications for her work creating digital video art specifically for internet consumption.