Infinite Frame Media

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Infinite Frame Media is an immersive content creation studio focused on telling thought-provoking stories. We use Virtual and Augmented Reality to connect audiences to the subject matter in meaningful ways.
Our proprietary portable volumetric technology allows us to film subjects for use within immersive environments to create lifelike and engaging scenarios that would not be possible in any other medium.
Our projects aim to not only bring awareness to difficult topics, such as reproductive health, violence against women, and climate change but to open minds, shift perspectives and ignite conversation, action, and change in the real world.

Team Members

Joanne-Aska Popinska - Founder and Creative Director

Tom C. Hall - Founder and Creative Producer


Infinite Frame Media uses VR technology because we believe strongly in its’ ability to immerse audiences in the content and to spark an emotional connection with what they witness. Our unique approach invites viewers to be active participants and to join in the conversation.

Infinite Frame Media does not create avatars. We capture real humans, their deeply touching stories, and the authentic expression of their emotions. We invite the viewer into this intimate and personal space and provide the viewer a safe and compelling opportunity to listen and ask questions they may not normally ask in a more exposed environment. The audience has a feeling of meeting the storytellers face-to-face.

Our unique capture method has been proven to leave long-lasting and impactful impressions.


Infinite Frame Media has developed a pioneering stereoscopic volumetric camera system for capturing people for use in AR & VR applications.

Combining the strengths of 3D cinematography and depth cameras, our system can produce an incredibly vibrant and lifelike video that expresses the spirit of humanity that large volumetric stages cannot capture. Adding stereoscopy has allowed us to add other human-like features, such as the sparkle in a person’s eye, that are typically missing from other VR experiences. We believe our attention to detail is what sets us apart.

In other great news...our system is mobile. Driven by the desire to travel to our subjects and capture them on large and small stages along with small private settings, we found there was a gap in the market for portable technology. So we invented it. Infinite Frame Media can film anywhere, all that is needed is a small room that could accommodate a typical on-camera interview, some lights, and our unique video capture system with a footprint of a regular interview camera.

Our system is easy and quick to set up, and working with the files is as easy as with regular video content. 

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