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StagePage is a performing arts intelligence company and data platform, founded by artist and producer, Mariel Marshall. The company specializes in B2B personalized product recommendation solutions that empower arts organizations and festivals to grow their audience.

Think OKCupid’s matching power combined with Spotify’s ‘discover weekly’ recommendations, designed for live theatre, dance and opera events.

Finding great live entertainment has never been more daunting. The discovery barrier is so high that many audiences will choose alternatives like Netflix or dining out, to the time-intensive work of manually sorting through reviews, ratings and event listing sites. Recommendation engines have been used to solve discovery challenges in many domains, but few have been developed to handle the complexities of “live” events. StagePage was started out of a desire to solve this ambitious challenge. Working in close collaboration with major arts organizations, including Ontario’s largest performing arts festival, the Toronto Fringe, the company has developed a new technology that harnesses the power of machine learning and data intelligence to power personalized recommendations. 

Team Members

Mariel Marshall - Founder 


StagePage’s suite of tools helps arts organizations grow their audience with online personalization and recommendation solutions designed to handle the complexities of live performing arts events.

1. Integrated Recommendation Engine

Help audiences navigate your many event offerings with a personalized recommendation engine that embeds directly on your website. Provide real-time recommendations to audiences for your entire season/festival and gain valuable insights with the audience preference questionnaire.

2. Show Match Report

Predict which shows in your season or festival are the strongest match for each of your audience members with a custom Show Match Report.

3. Personalized Recommendation Email List

Reach new audiences with a tool that allows users to subscribe to personalized show recommendation emails across organizations. When a show matches a user's taste preferences, the user is notified of the event.