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LuxSOS Inc. is a social purpose company that helps Entrepreneurs, who work in the service industry, embrace and thrive using the online market safely. The idea came about when a team of 12 cleaners worked, as contractors, in a brand name hotel under construction, for one month, for $0. During legal battles, the co-founders of LuxSOS dreamed of something or someone who could take them out of such a dark hole. But, no one helped, and nothing was available. So they created both the someone and the something. LuxSOS provides a safe, interactive and scalable online venue to on-demand service entrepreneurs where they can grow their business at their own pace. LuxSOS is full of human, technological and educational resources to help any service-based business owner at any stage of growth, especially during a crisis.

Team Members

Lorena Leon - Co-Founder & CEO

Gina Ramirez - Co-Founder & CFO


Product Description:

At LuxSOS.ca, any new or experienced service entrepreneur can fill out an application to join the Network. Our onboarding team carefully screens and checks all applicants. Some suggestions might be made for improvement before the profiles can go live. Once the applicants´ profiles are published, our marketing teams develop customized plans to attract leads. As the number of booked services increases, so does the provider´s rating according to the end customer´s review. Should something go wrong, LuxSOS will intermediate and resolve the issue.

Entrepreneurs have a professional-looking instant website, secure payment methods and reliable communication—also, regular access to industry-based current information, tips, and peer to peer support.

The cost varies on the type of membership selected, Speculator $0, Hustler $50, Trader $100 and Merchant $200 per month plus a 10% commission on each transaction. Joining the Network is simple; accessing the resources is invaluable.

Customers enjoy the freedom to book a professional of their choice when they need it in just one click. Using LuxSOS will guarantee not only safety, quality and excellent customer service but also a sustainable growth of the local business economy. A small service fee applies to each transaction plus a 10% commission. Convenience is priceless.