Idea Central


Idea Central is a creative strategy consulting agency based in Toronto Canada.

Our focus with Idea Central is to foster and nurture great storytelling that resonates and connects people to brands in meaningful ways using insights, creativity and strategies that mesh with the vision of our clients.

Idea Central was formed in 2017 when co-founders Jill Rosenberg and John Saydam saw an opportunity to fill an evolving void by combining their extensive digital, social media and award-winning creative storytelling expertise to offer clients and agencies senior level capabilities as an effective means to improve the digital footprints of their brands.

Idea Central takes a Human First/Design Thinking/ Digital Enhance approach. Customer behaviour and insight are used to define objectives and fuel creative solutions.

Team Members

Jill Rosenberg – Creative Director & Co-Founder 

John Saydam – Co-Founder & Digital & Social Strategist



Idea Central works with partners and tools to gain insight into competitors, current and potential customers

their respective behaviours.

These insights form the basis of objective setting, creative concept development and channel strategy.


Idea Central offers a range of ideas based on how brands can best get attention and connect with audiences in meaningful ways. Collaborating with the client, ideas are chosen that best aligns with business objectives, brand values and the potential to resonate with customers.

Once the channel strategy is defined, Idea Central is able to produce all required content.

Idea Central works with a large roster of industry and creative professionals and tailors the team to the project and client needs.


Idea Central uses insight and creative ideas to identify optimal digital and social channel strategies for specific campaigns and brands.

Content calendars can be provided with execution and distribution being managed by client in-house teams.

For complex large scale projects, Idea Central works with a large roster of industry and creative professionals that also includes involving Media Planners as needed.