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Culture Creates makes live events discoverable on the web. We specialize in generating RDF-based knowledge graphs to make information on what’s happening in the arts compatible with an AI-powered world. Knowledge graphs structure and link metadata in a machine-readable interconnected web to help people and machines navigate the complexity of the internet.

A team of arts professionals and technologists, we help arts organizations structure live events and be the digital authority of their own metadata. Be discovered by AI-powered search and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Team Members

Tammy Lee - CEO and Co-founder

Caitlin Troughton - COO and Co-founder

Gregory Saumier-Finch - CTO and Co-founder


Product Description: 

Culture Create's Footlight suite of tools programmatically collects, structures and links event information in the arts, converting it into a knowledge graph. The Footlight Console is used by arts organizations to review key information on their websites, add links to other webpages with related information and approve the results published.

Arts organizations can then choose to publish machine-readable structured data on their website via the Footlight code-snippet. This same structured data will be published in a sector-wide linked open data knowledge graph,

The end result is accurate event information ready for use by any smart activity on any device.