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Writers - in school and professional settings - may be able to easily acquire content (i.e. Google search), but struggle to communicate appropriately in English for specific contexts. The status quo includes various word processing software options and text editors, but nothing to help bridge the gap from content acquisition to final prose. EssayJack is a web-based solution offering scaffolding for writing so that writers have interactive text boxes, tips and prompts that walk them through the writing process, targeting high school and university/college students and educators.

Team Members

Dr. Lindy Ledohowski - CEO and Co-founder


Product Description: 

EssayJack is a web-based software solution that can be used as a stand-alone (student only) or institutional (LMS-enabled, teacher & student interface) product to teach English-language academic writing. Put simply it is the missing link between a google search (content) and a google doc (final prose). How do you take content and produce academic writing without staring at a blank page? EssayJack.