Origami XR

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Origami XR is a cloud computing tool that makes it easy to create and share augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Team Members

Erik Peterson - Founder

Alannah O'Niell - Co-Founder/Communications

Aria Shahingohar - Co-Founder

Yi-Shiuan Chen - Senior Engineer


Product Description: 

Several industries depend on 3D visualizations to make high-stakes decisions but it's incredibly time consuming and expensive to turn that data into AR or VR.

Origami XR's proprietary cloud service allows any 3D content users to upload their data and effortlessly create a walkable, volumetric AR/VR experience in a few hours.

Our content is distributed over a link, to any headset, tablet, mobile device or web browser. Users can create and share spatial content, no headset required. This patented technology is the first truly scalable spatial computing workflow.

Press, Awards & Achievements:

In 2019, Origami XR was named "Editor's Pick: Best Design Tool" by The Architect's Newspaper.