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The Logic was founded in 2018 to help build the future of the innovation economy by providing in-depth reporting on the organizations, policies and people driving transformational change. Everything we do is underscored by our commitment to making Canada a better place to live and work—by sparking important conversations about what the country wants to be.

At The Logic, we believe the best days of journalism are ahead of us, with readers—not advertisers—at our core.

Team Members

David Skok - Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Alex Brown - Head of Growth


Product Description: 

The Logic is a subscription-news publication focused on in-depth reporting on the innovation economy in Canada and around the world. The Logic goes beyond reporting just on tech, and also covers Canada's transformation from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy through innovation. The Logic’s journalism sheds light on the people, policies and organizations driving change in our country and internationally at a time when Canadians need it most.

If you need or want to know about what's going on with innovation, and who's driving it, you should read The Logic.