All Play, No Work

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All Play, No Work's vision is to ignite creativity and imagination in young children through digital media applications developed with visionary storytelling. 

Team Members

Paul Pattison - Technical Director

Steve Huber - Executive Producer

Sacha Raposo - Creative Director

Ben McEvoy - Producer

Luke Minaker - Lead 3D Artist

Jack Ront - Lead Game Developer

Javier Mora Cano - Game Developer

Steve Palmer

Dan Pratezina


The mission of All Play, No Work is to promote creative endeavours and intellectual properties through mobile media platforms by offering unique user experiences that enrich the lives of their customers. In doing so, they will allow associates to build their skills and talents through collaborative media efforts that will add lasting value and financial profitability to the company.

Product Description: The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor

Full of mystery and adventure, All Play, No Work's the "Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor" is a unique interactive book series for children ages 8 through 12. Part picture book, part game, part animated film, the "Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor" is like a 'living novel' brought together on the iPad.

The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor was crafted by a small but passionate team of industry-seasoned producers, designers, developers, and animators spread across Toronto, Vancouver and San Francisco. It is an Editor's Choice, Featured and 'Best New' app.