Alumni Companies

  • All Play, No Work

    All Play, No Work's vision is to ignite creativity and imagination in young children through digital media applications developed with visionary storytelling. 

  • AnimangaPLUS

    Toronto-based Piglion Studio, developers of such intellectual properties as Coin and Flour, Jet Loaf and Silent Destiny, was merged in the spring of 2014 with assets from...

  • ApprenticeA Productions

    ApprencticeA Productions is the largest online video production company in Canada. The ApprenticeA Network currently has 1,730 videos, 80,540,036 views, and 280,077 subscribers....

  • AsapScience

    The AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel was launched on May 28, 2012 by Canadians Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, having both completed a B.Sc in Biological Science. They aimed to...

  • BeMused Network

    BeMused Network is a technology company with a focus on the transmission and preservation of humanistic knowledge. 

  • Conquering Lion Pictures

    Conquering Lion Pictures is a dynamic, independent Canadian production company based in Toronto, Canada. Under the leadership of Damon D’Oliveira and Clement Virgo, Conquering...

  • Eigenuity Inc.

  • Greenlight Essentials

    Greenlight Essentials is a company that is dedicated to helping entertainment professionals better understand movie data and bring big data analysis to the film industry.

  • ivvi

    ivvi’s predictive insights enables top brands to identify rising stars, while optimizing budgets to extend campaign success. ivvi strategizes with leading companies such as...