The Ontario Arts Foundation


The Ontario Arts Foundation (OAF) was established in 1991 as a public foundation. The OAF works with arts patrons to build long-term support for the arts in Ontario. The OAF holds over 300 funds established by individuals, private foundations, corporations and arts organizations. With assets of $65 million, the OAF disburses over $2 million in support of the arts in Ontario each year.

The OAF manages the Canadian Film Centre Arts Endowment Fund, established under the Arts Endowment Fund Program, a matching program the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and administered by the OAF. Each year endowment fund income is paid to the CFC from their fund in support of the CFC scholarship programs. Since 2000, the CFC has received over $1.8 million in endowment income from their Arts Endowment Fund, helping to support the training of young Canadian artists in film, television, screen acting, music and digital media.