With the support of our generous donors, we continue to nurture talent, accelerate careers, create jobs and bolster Canada’s entertainment industry.

The CFC is grateful to all of the donors who contribute to our continued growth and success, and make all of our work possible.

The list below recognizes annual gifts made between September 2017 and October 2018.

Windfields Circle ($10,000 +)

Diane Blake and Stephen Smith
Slawko Klymkiw and Christina Bylyna
John Morayniss and Maria Hale
Just For Laughs
Leanne and George Lewis
Robin and Robert Ogilvie
Julie Peden
Marita Simbul-Lezon
Marion and Gerald Soloway
William F. White International Inc.

Platinum Circle ($5,000 – $9,999)

Alix and James Arnett
The Budd Sugarman Foundation
Karen Foss
Ann Medina
Julia West and Richard Wernham

Gold Circle ($2,000 – $4,999)

Paul H. Barry
Eric R. Belcher
Martha Burns and Paul Gross
Neal Clarance
Council for Canadian American Relations
Bob Dorrance and Gail Drummond
Arthur Evrensel
Ellen Fine *
Blake C. Goldring **
Robert Lantos, Serendipity Point Films
Sheena Macdonald and Phil Schmitt
Michael MacMillan
Nancy and John McFadyen ***
John McKellar
Abby and Perry Minuk ***
David Purdy
MaryAnne Runnalls ***
Sylvia Soyka
Willson Entertainment Productions

Silver Circle ($1,000 – $1,999)

Ralph Brown, QC
Cameron Pictures Inc.
Don Carmody
William Clarke **
John Cassaday
CMU College of Makeup Art & Design
Suzette Couture
Mark and Cherie Daitchman ***
Pat DiBratto
Kathryn Emslie (in Memory of Denis McGrath)
Norm Feferman **
Forbes Anderson LLP
Eric Gertner ***
Susan Guichon
Michael and Marjorie Hale **
Cheryl Hudson and Michael Say
Christina Jennings **
David Kines
Claudio Luca
Jacqueline Mackey
Neil McEneaney
The Munroe Family
The Norman and Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation ***
Margaret Nightingale
David Pennycook
Michael Prupas
Cecil and Robert Rabinovitch
John Riley
RiskGrid Technologies
Jeff and Meryl Rosenthal *
Dr. Betty Rozendaal and Sonny Goldstein **
Andra Takacs ***
Myrna Weinstein ***
Brian Wisenberg and Anita Saliss

Bronze Circle ($500 – $999)

Pancheta (Pat) Barnett
Deborah Bernstein and Sam Freeman
Dr. Paul and Joyce Chapnick **
Kevin Colero **
Donna Craig
Carey Diamond
Argie Eliopoulos
Deborah Fallows
Forbes Andersen LLP
Kevin Fisher, Gardiner Roberts LLP
Robert and Julia Foster
Sandra Gertner and Millard Roth
Doreen Gryfe ***
Dr. Mark Gwartzman ***
Hubbard Insurance
Carolyn Kates **
Marvin and Estelle Kates **
Joy Kaufman and Edward Antecol ***
Robert Kligman and Sandra Secord *
Joni Lindsay ***
Jacqueline Mackey
Terry E. Markus ***
David W. Middleton
Lorraine Morfea **
Kara Palleschi
Cecil and Robert Rabinovitch
Hilary Read
RiskGrid Technologies Inc.
Harvey L. Rogers ***
Nancy Thompson
Debra Thuet and Mike Wilson **
Phil and Vanessa von Finckenstein
Marvin Waxman ***
Marlene Sable Weller **

A Gift in Honour of Dr. Stuart Selby

And four (4) donors who wish to remain anonymous.

* over 5 years of support
** over 10 years of support
*** over 20 years of support
If you have any questions about this listing, or if your recognition wishes have changed, please contact Michelle Johnson at 416-445-1446 ext. 227 or