Jacqueline Mackey

Jacqueline Mackey

Executive Lead, Finance

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Jacqueline Mackey joined the CFC as Director of Finance in its inaugural year in 1988, and currently serves as Executive Lead, Finance, reporting directly to the Executive Director. Prior to joining the CFC, she acted as comptroller of a Canadian independent film production company for five years.

Mackey has more than 30 years of experience in all phases of financial management, including financial reporting and planning, internal control, and other specialized accounting areas. During her tenure at CFC, she has overseen the growth of the organization’s budget from $1,000,000 to over $13,000,000, and has prudently managed over $100 million in CFC income. Mackey oversaw the $12 million Windfields Campus Improvement Project, a construction and renovation initiative to improve CFC’s operating capacity, including the addition of a new landmark building.

She also serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Peggy Baker Dance Projects. Mackey is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (Chartered Accountant) and holds an Honours BSc (Economics) from Trent University.