Nataly De Monte

Nataly De Monte

Director, CFC Media Lab

416.445.1446 x495


Nataly is the Associate Director at CFC Media Lab and the Managing Director for Fifth Wave Initiative, bringing a cross-section of interdisciplinary experience in production, team management, written communications and industry outreach to this role. At the CFC Media Lab, Nataly launched Canada’s first intersectional feminist business accelerator, Fifth Wave, and runs the day-to-day operations of IDEABOOST, a tech startup accelerator program in the digital media and entertainment ecosystem. Each program requires overseeing team workflow, multi-platform marketing and communications, stakeholder management, partnerships, editorial pipeline and all aspects of programming. Nataly’s background in advertising, marketing and production in both the public and private sectors, together with her interest in entrepreneurship and disruption in the digital arts and media space has put her at the forefront of a number of major creative and market-shifting projects with leading corporate and creative organizations in Canada.

Nataly has a special interest in feminism and the preservation of civil liberties in modern democratic life. She helped launch the Democracy Exchange Summit as a founding executive producer in 2018 and 2019 – Canada’s first forum designed to galvanize a democratic community and inspire people to make change happen. She also writes an original blogpost series entitled Riding the Fifth Wave, which documents the journey of a feminist accelerator program for a new era.