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  • Interview with 'Manchester by the Sea' Composer Lesley Barber

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    Lesley Barber is a CFC Mentor in the Slaight Family Music Lab.

  • Adeel Zaman


    ...preneurs alum through his previous startup in the image recognition and deep learning space. He has been heavily engulfed in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence over the last five years. During this time, he has had the opportunity to apply deep learning to a wide array of applications, from hearing aids to algorithmic...

  • Tessa Sproule


  • Trevor Haldenby


    ...lley. Over 25 VIP designers, entrepreneurs, and science fiction writers were dropped into a half-day simulation of the discovery of extraterrestrial life by an artificial intelligence. The Mission Business's next public-facing project, VISITATIONS, was a 21st century haunted house experience exploring the dark side of the Internet of...

  • Kyle Jackson


    ...ness life. First, I took on the role of General Partner in the San Francisco based seed stage tech fund, AllMobile. We invest in mobile first startups that use artificial intelligence to turn big data into business intelligence.Second, I founded and serve as the CEO of Talespin, a content and technology partner to companies, brands, and star...

  • Godwin Liu


    ...on Medical Device and Digital Economy innovations; Godwin participates on the national IRAP ICT Sector Team, and leads the national IRAP Go-to-Expert team on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

  • Notes from Silicon Beach: AI and Hollywood – What is killing you will make you stronger

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    Learn more about the cluster of technologies generally called artificial intelligence (AI) that enable the creation of software that can be taught to learn and program itself.

  • Five Hot Docs to Watch Out For

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    Five of our favourite docs on creativity and digital technologies from Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, which ran from April 26 to May 6...

  • Jack Zhang on Using AI for His Feature Film Impossible Things

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    A sit-down with Jack Zhang, Greenlight Essentials Founder and the man behind the first  AI co-written feature length film, Impossible Things. ...

  • Designing for Experiences: Three Highlights from Digifest 2018

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    Three key takeaways emerged from this year’s Digifest event, revealing how design is generating these “experiences of becoming” in practice.

  • OCADU Digital Futures Graduates Exhibition On This Weekend

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    Visit an array of immersive and interactive projects at the OCADU Digital Futures Graduates Exhibition, DIVERGE, running this weekend only, April 13-15, in...

  • Bringing the Outside In


    More than 50% of the world is now living in an urban environment and 90% of their time is spent indoors with artificial surroundings. Humans have been living...

  • ​Enterprising Culture


    ...hnologies in creative, cultural and this year, educational work. This year’s forum not only spotlights the ethics and applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), but also how we interpret data to make meaning that puts humans at the centre. How do we move from understanding facts to creating insights? What does w...

  • CFC Media Lab Starts Conversations at First Network Connect Event of 2018

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    On Wednesday, February 28, CFC Media Lab hosted the first Network Connect event of 2018 at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. As part of CFC’s...

  • A Report from Startup Festival 2016

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    If the speakers and attendees at this year’s Montreal Startup Festival were anything to go by, 2016 just might be seen as the year that doing good surpassed...

  • Arts in a Digital World Summit Aims to Kickstart Digital Transformation

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    The recent event, The Arts In A Digital World Summit (March 15-17), was the perfect culmination of The Canada Arts Council’s motto: “Bringing the arts to...

  • CFC’s Ana Serrano Awarded the Insignia as a Chevalier of France’s Order of Arts and Letters

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    On Friday, October 12, 2018 at a private event in Toronto, the Consulate General of France in Toronto presented Ana Serrano, CDO of the Canadian Film Centre...

  • IDEABOOST's Cohort 7 Wraps Up and Shares Strategies

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    Read these three tips on how our IDEABOOST Accelerator’s Cohort 7 have been navigating market shifts to seize emerging opportunities.

  • 1953: A Night on Shuter Street


    Stories, especially the ones told from living memories, are powerful mixtures of fragmented facts and dreams. They capture our imagination and allow us to...

  • ​Collaborative Spirit Dominates at the First-Ever Network Connect VR Summit

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    CFC Media Lab’s first Network Connect VR Summit provided VR startups in Network Connect with practical services aimed at achieving long-term...

  • Greg Johnston


    Greg Johnston Composer Greg Johnston is an award winning Canadian born composer/producer/songwriter. As a formally trained multi-instrumentalist, Greg has...

  • Digital Marketing Coordinator


    ...ntertainment and new immersive media technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as artificial intelligence (AI) – fields that are all poised to be highly valuable to future career prospects in the entertainment industry.Position Requirements Manage the creation of...

  • Black Youth! Pathway 2 Industry Visits CFC

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    Last week, students from Black Youth! Pathway 2 Industry visited CFC to learn about careers in the digital, film, and television industries and experience...

  • Founder Profile: Sophie Howe

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    Meet Sophie Howe, the founder and CEO of agnostic machine learning platform, Xesto. 

  • Eugene Lee


    Eugene Lee Co-Founder, ChannelMeter Speaking at Buffer Festival Industry Day on Thursday, October 16 @ 10:45am Eugene Lee is the Co-Founder of ChannelMeter,...