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  • The Amaya AR Project


    The Amaya AR Project is an Augmented Reality (AR) documentary inspired by the Nicaraguan April 2018 civic uprising, in which Emilia shares her experience...

  • Decade in Review: CFC’s 10 Biggest Moments of the 2010s

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    From the launch of new programs, to unveiling a new building, creating an award, developing groundbreaking content and talent – and more – the CFC has never...



    The CFC/Netflix Development Accelerator supports up to four (4) TV and four (4) feature projects per year, with the goal of actively developing each...

  • The 2018 CBC Actors Conservatory Showcase: Celebrating 10 Years of Remarkable Actors

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    The 2018 CBC Actors Conservatory Showcase took place on Tuesday, February 26 at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

  • How to Create a Startup Ecosystem: 10 Years of Growth, as Lived by Amplify’s Paul Bricault

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    In this month's Notes From Silicon Beach, Nicholas DeMartino interviews Paul Bricault, Co-Founder of Amplify, about the startup ecosystem and venture...

  • CFC and Netflix Announce the Creators and Four Feature Projects Selected for Inaugural Project Development Accelerator

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    CFC and Netflix Announce the Creators and Four Feature Projects Selected for Inaugural Project Development AcceleratorTwo French and two English language...

  • Title of Project


    Test Synopsis Here.

  • Orlando Bascuñán


    Orlando Bascunan is a Chilean Canadian creative coder, maker and 3D artist with over 10 years of professional experience. As a graduate student working...

  • Jad Al Rabbaa


    Jad Al Rabbaa is a multidisciplinary digital designer with 10 years of professional experience. He combines his User Interface and User Experience skills...



    The CFC/Netflix Calling Card Accelerator is designed for eligible “creators to watch” and their creative teams in need of focussed support to help enhance a...

  • Tommy Ting


    Tommy Ting is a game and level designer with 10 years of professional experience in cinematic mocap production for video games and in visual and performing...

  • Tricia Hagoriles


    Tricia Hagoriles is an award-winning Toronto-based filmmaker. Her first short film, Beat, garnered her the RBC Emerging Canadian Artist Award at the 2015...

  • RABBOT - Exploring Shared Awareness in Virtual Reality


    This thesis project explores the possibilities of generating shared awareness in a virtual reality (VR) experience between a head-mounted display (HMD)...



    The CFC/Netflix Marketplace Accelerator is designed to strengthen the international festival/market preparedness of select eligible creators (writers and/or...

  • Ben Allan


    Ben Allan is an editor originally from Hertfordshire, U.K. and currently based in Toronto. With more than 10 years of experience, he began by editing small...

  • Ian Steaman


    Ian Steaman is a reformed music executive turned award-winning screenwriter. In 2018 he was an Al Magee Diverse Screenwriters Fellow and Pilot Project...

  • Alumni to Watch, Look and Listen for this May

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    Production may still be at a standstill, but there is no shortage of awesome alumni CanCon to keep you occupied and entertained this May. Here are some...

  • Mark Linao


    Mark Linao is is the principal in the Los Angeles office of Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund (AET Fund). Linao was previously an Associate at...

  • Pinewood Studios Toronto Welcomes the CFC to Its Thriving Production Hub

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    The CFC Production Office now has a permanent satellite office at Pinewood Studios Toronto.

  • Designing a neuroatypical weather-based planning tool


    Designing a weather-based neuroatypical planning tool explores suitable ways in which technology can support people with Asperger’s Syndrome to plan their...

  • Savaya Shinkaruk


    Savaya Shinkaruk built a career for herself in the fashion industry. Her thesis research and practice are focused on making her skills of personal styling...

  • Devices for Hyper Polluted Futures


    This thesis project explores what types of devices humanity might build in order to breathe ambient air in hyper-polluted futures. One such device is the...

  • AI Stylist: What Do I Wear? Mobile Application


    This thesis project is an exploration of the process of getting dressed, and how it’s incredibly complex. The What Do I Wear? mobile application functions as...

  • Tex Antonucci


    With more than 10 years of experience in the film and television industry, Tex Antonucci has a proven track record of producing feature film and television...

  • Sara Gazzaz


    Sara Gazzaz is an artist and a designer who holds an honours BA in Graphic Design and MFA in Digital Futures. Gazzaz has exhibited her mixed media artwork in...