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  • Michael Naimark


    Media ArtistMichael Naimark is a media artist and researcher who often explores "place representation" and its impact on culture, who is actively engaged in understanding the dynamics bet...

  • Michael Bryson


    MICHAEL BRYSON is the author of four short story collections, including Thirteen Shades of Black and White (1999), and the founding editor of the online...

  • Michael Peterson


    Michael is an award-winning director based out of Calgary, Alberta. His body of work includes shorts, commercials, music videos, documentary and, most...

  • Thomas Michael


    Thomas Michael was born in Poland and grew up in Canada. At 13, he became serious about comedy, and by 17 he was writing, producing, and starring-in Y B...

  • Michael Cohen


  • Michael Hanley


    Michael Hanley is a writer/director based in Toronto. A graduate of the New York Film Academy, his debut feature, Learning to Ride (2014), played in film...

  • Michael McNamara


    Born in Chicago and raised in the US, England and Canada, MichaelMcNamara has created, produced and directed documentary, variety, children’s entertainment...

  • Michael Ross


  • Michael Koral


  • Michael MacLennan


    Michael MacLennan Screenwriter As a screenwriter, Michael MacLennan has been nominated seven times for the WGC Canadian Screenwriting Award. A producer of...

  • Michael Vokins


    Michael is a Toronto-based comedy and documentary editor who has worked in Canada and China. A graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Editors’ Lab and the...

  • Michael Pierro


    Michael Pierro is a Toronto-based film and television editor. His work spans a variety of genres, from dramatic feature films, to fast-paced reality TV and...