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  • Creating VR in Four Stages: CFC Alumna Lillian Chan Talks 'Yumi and Boom'

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    Hear how animator-artist-filmmaker and IDEABOOST alumna Lillian Chan made her first virtual reality (VR) experience, 'Yumi and Boom,' a playful character-driven story that teaches mindfulness meditation techniques to tweens.

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  • Edward Chan


    Edward is a Technologist & Entrepreneur with Corporate Development & Partnership Experience.He has previous worked in Business Development for Perch and...

  • Announcing CFC's First-Ever ideaBOOST Cohort

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    Chosen by a special jury made up of industry leaders and digital producers, we are excited to announce the eight projects selected for CFC's...

  • Yumi and Boom


    ...body scans and breath control, which help them become more adept at emotional regulation. Read more about the production here. Creative Director Lillian Chan Producer(s) Ana Serrano, CFC Media Lab Mark Jones, Seneca College Creative Technology Director Matthew Whelan Lead Unreal Programmer...

  • In Shadow


    Rebecca, a young, up-and-coming artist works hard to build a future for herself while a shadow from her past threatens to push her into madness.

  • Corus Entertainment, Google, Shaw Media Support CFC to Spur Development of Production Innovation in Digital Entertainment Sector

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    ...ects are: The Path (SmokeBomb Entertainment), The Buffer Film Festival (Apprentice A Productions), AsapSCIENCE (Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown), Ramen Party (Lillian Chan and Justin Poon), Rollers of the Realm (Phantom Compass), Your Task // You Shoot Things (YT//ST Labs), Loud on Planet X (Pop Sandbox), and The Ghost Town Proje...

  • VR Productions

    Program Produced by the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) and Seneca College School of Creative Art & Animation, under the creative direction of Lillian Chan, this animated VR experience traces a young girl’s unlikely friendship with what seems to be a capricious creature. Through scenes of their friendship, tweens...

  • Uncle


    When Angela's recently divorced uncle turns up for the weekend, she gets more attention than she'd bargained for.

  • Becoming What We Behold


    Marshall McLuhan's idea that "we shape our tools and then our tools shape us" has particular relevance to the way social media has defined the 21st century....

  • Government of Ontario Shows Strong Support for CFC

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    Toronto, September 8, 2013 - The Ontario Government announced today its renewed commitment to the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) with a multi-year investment of...



    Clutch is a dark comedy that begins when a reluctant thief, Martyn (David Hewlett), inadvertently kills a man during the bungled robbery of a rare book....

  • The 2014 CFC Annual BBQ Fundraiser

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    On Sunday, September 7, 2014, CFC held its Annual BBQ Fundraiser on our campus on Windfields Estate under sunny skies.

  • Where to Watch CFC Alumni Series This Fall

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    As leaves start to change and pumpkins pop up on porches, it’s tempting to stay inside and keep cozy next to a warm high-definition TV. Good thing there are...

  • Curriculum + Program


    A Nine Day Residency to explore immersive VR storytelling with 12 diverse creators from Canada and the U.S. The residency begins at the Canadian Film Centre...