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  • Laurel Brady


  • Laurel MacDonald


    Haunting the periphery of the Canadian music and media art scene for more than two decades, Toronto-based singer, composer and video artist Laurel MacDonald...

  • Brendan Brady


    Brendan Brady is a Toronto-based producer has worked on various projects ranging from Polaris-nominated music videos to Gemini-winning television series for...

  • Andrew Brady


    Andrew brings more than 17 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, direct response and general advertising and marketing to his role as Synergy...

  • Introducing the 2018 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Residents

    News Item

    Announcing the new residents of the 2018 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program.

  • Stray Dog


    Angry and down-on-his-luck after getting robbed at a card game, Giorgio Puccini deliberately hits a young man with his car, whom he thinks is the culprit....

  • ESC


    “ESC” is a user-empowered suspense journey following the fate of five chat buddies who dare to attempt meeting each other in person. Featured at SIGGRAPH ‘99...

  • Alone Together


    Alone Together is an “art-app” designed for the Blackberry Playbook tablet. Playing with hypnotic circles on the touchscreen, audience members are asked to...



    After twenty-five years in maximum security, retirement is coming for prison guard, Connie McCain. Unable to cope with life on the outside, Connie resists...

  • Five Festival Faves from TIFF to Look Out for

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    We saw several alumni gems over the Toronto International Film Festival's action-packed 10 days – keep an eye out for them in the coming month.

  • Heart of Stars


    Using the groundbreaking technology of the Microsoft Kinect and building on the innovation of the Kinect open source community, Heart of Stars lets users...

  • Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Residents Showcase Their Feature Stories Through Promo Pieces

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    On Wednesday, December 10, 2014 the CFC screened 15 promo pieces created by this year's Cineplex Entertainment Film Program residents to a packed...

  • Alumni & Resident Roundup: Updates & Successes (July 2018)

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    CFC alumni are continually making waves in the Canadian and international screen-based entertainment industries – from awards to festivals, industry...

  • CFC Showcases 2015 Short Dramatic Films

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    Last night, CFC celebrated the 2015 Short Dramatic Film (SDF) showcase, the 27th annual SDF showcase, where we screened the four short films created through...

  • CFC Talent Onscreen and Behind the Scenes at TIFF 2018

    Press Release

    CFC Talent Onscreen and Behind the Scenes at TIFF 2018 An array of CFC alumni and resident projects, pitches and talks makes CFC a vibrant industry presence...

  • CFC Announces 2014 Residents of the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program

    Press Release

    CFC Announces 2014 Residents of the Cineplex Entertainment Film ProgramToronto, July 8, 2014 – The Canadian Film Centre (CFC) is pleased to welcome 19...

  • ​CFC Media Lab Struts Its Stuff at the Bata Shoe Museum for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

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    On the eve of October 1, a diverse group of fourteen artists, producers and contributors from the latest instalment of CFC Media Lab's TELUS Interactive Art...

  • CFC Alumni Films at FIN, Calgary Film, EIFF and VIFF 2017

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    CFC alumni are shining at film festivals from coast-to-coast across the Great White North. On the heels of our alumni at TIFF 2017 announcement, we’re...

  • CFC Media Lab LIVE at HotDocs, Cannes Film Festival and More

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    CFC Media Lab is keeping very busy this May with multiple activations across various conferences and festivals both here in Canada and abroad. Should...

  • ​CFC Alumni Bolster CanCon at TIFF 2017

    Press Release

    CFC Alumni Bolster CanCon at TIFF 2017More than 70 alumni attached to 29 projects will participate in the 42nd edition of the festivalToronto, August 23,...

  • Celebrating Alumni Nominations for 2018 Canadian Screen Awards

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    Among the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards nominees are 53 different projects and productions from 68 CFC alumni.

  • VR Productions


    CFC Animated VR: Yumi and Boom An interactive, episodic virtual reality series, Yumi and Boom brings the power of mindfulness and short-form character-driven...