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  • Night of The Living


    An imaginative boy becomes convinced that his alcoholic father is actually a zombie.

  • Straight In The Face


    Long-term couple Steve and Elias are undergoing a relationship shift and discovering the complications of a non-monogamous arrangement. In the meanwhile,...

  • The Night Watchman


    Brendan Blake has all but given up on living a normal life. He is a degenerate gambler (on dog shows) and battles with alcoholism. Brendan is going about the...

  • Days Of The Week


    Days of the Week is an interactive show blurring conventions of film, television and games to create a new entertainment form. With console technology, users...



    Set in the isolated Prairies, Azim is desperate to rebuild the family fortune lost in Idi Amin’s Uganda. But when his wife gives birth to a child with a...

  • ​The Government of Canada


    The Government of Canada, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), is actively identifying and building on the...

  • The River of Blood


    Somali-born K’naan strives to become a voice for his nation through his music, while trying to reconcile conflicting influences of his culture that pull him...

  • Adam in the Wall


    After filmmaker Adam witnesses his brother’s death, all acting feels inauthentic and all movies shallow and contrived. Compelled to capture truth on...

  • The Weight of the World


    Waking up to discover the Earth's gravity has doubled can really bring down your day.

  • Jean of the Joneses


    Jean of the Joneses is about a girl from a dysfunctional family of Jamaican women who have happily sent all the men in their lives running for the past...

  • The Secret of Goat


    A Woman and a Man live in a cabin in the woods. They are in love. One autumn they buy a goat. Something starts happening to the Woman and Man, they begin to...

  • Shanti Baba Ram & The Dancers of Hope


    A jaded food photographer struggles with his idealistic girlfriendʼs increasing obsession with India. When she invites a charismatic charity leader and his...

  • In The Wings


    A rivalry between two veteran actors living in a Performers Retirement Lodge sets the stage for a reawakening of what it truly means to be an artist.

  • Bringing the Outside In


    More than 50% of the world is now living in an urban environment and 90% of their time is spent indoors with artificial surroundings. Humans have been living...

  • The Art of the Edit

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    On Friday, January 12, we spent the day at the Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival Industry Forum at TIFF. The third panel of the day, ‘The Art of the Edit’,...



    The Art of Woo is a sly romantic comedy about Alessa Woo, a beautiful and ambitious art curator who meets her match in gifted painter, Ben Crowchild. Alessa...

  • The Sadness of Johnson Joe Jangles


    A young couple boards a train heading west with an unborn baby in the womb and a dream of a new and prosperous life in the frontier town of New Pinko. Their...

  • The Passion of John Ruskin


    Set in 1850's London, a tale of the scandalous marriage of a great scholar whose only knowledge of women comes from the art he studies.

  • An Immutable Law of Nature | The First Offer In IS The Best!

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    Finance specialist and ideaBOOST mentor Anne Maduri of Maduri & Associates continues her series aimed at giving new technology entrepreneurs greater...

  • Habitat 44: The Art of Reconstruction


    An architectural model of a pavilion is fabricated, recorded in holographic space, and positioned with its virtual self, playing on a duality of what is...

  • Six CFC Alumni Participate in 4th Forum of the Canada-India Business Council

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    A delegation of 14 Canadian producers will take part in the 4th Forum of the Canada-India Business Council, which begins today, Monday, November 17, 2014 in...

  • The Directors Guild of Canada Honours the Best in the Business at the 13th Annual DGC Awards

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    The 13th annual DGC Awards were presented on Saturday, October 25 at The Carlu in Toronto, honouring the best work created by DGC Members in the past year.

  • The Feeler


    An isolated blind man and a visitor are drawn to one another in this poignant story of fear and longing.

  • MasterpieceVR of Canada and Histovery of France Selected as Recipients of the Second Cultural Start-up Award at Enterprising Culture Forum in Toronto

    Press Release

    MasterpieceVR of Canada and Histovery of France Selected as Recipients of the Second Cultural Start-up Award at Enterprising Culture Forum in Toronto...