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  • Gharrett Patrick Paon


    Gharrett Patrick Paon is a Métis (Mi’kmaq/Acadian) actor-producer and founder of Rebel Road Films. The company is developing Wildhood, an indigenous identity drama from writer/direc...

  • James Patrick


    A graduate of the Film Program at Queen's University and the Canadian Film Centre's Editors' Lab, James Patrick brings his background in film theory, passion...

  • Patrick Crowe


    A producer, writer, game designer and filmmaker, Patrick is the founder and president of Xenophile. His productions have won accolades around the world,...

  • Patrick Tarr


    Patrick Tarr worked for many years in many jobs in film & TV production before attending the Canadian Film Centre Writers’ Lab. While there, Patrick co-wrote...

  • Patrick Whistler


  • Patrick Tarr


  • Patrick Dinnen


  • Patrick Cardarelli

    Staff Member

    Patrick Cardarelli is currently Senior Director, Recovery & Resolution Planning at the Royal Bank of Canada (“RBC” or the “Bank”). In this capacity, he is...

  • John Patrick Shanley on Adaptation and his Creative Process

    News Item

    “I was born a poet. I just was,” remarks Academy Award-winning writer/director John Patrick Shanley on stage at a master class event on Monday, March 23,...

  • CFC Presents an Evening with Academy Award-Winning Writer/Director John Patrick Shanley

    Press Release

    CFC Presents an Evening with Academy Award-Winning Writer/Director John Patrick Shanley on Adaptation and his Creative ProcessToronto, March 16, 2015 –...

  • Alumni & Resident Roundup: Updates & Successes (January 2018)

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    CFC alumni are continually making waves in the Canadian and international screen-based entertainment industries – from awards to festivals, industry...

  • 2017 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Showcase Highlights Unique Voices, Original Stories and Distinct Talent

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    The holiday season is upon us! For us at the CFC, that means it’s also time for the annual Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Showcase. This event sees the...

  • Sparking Collaboration: 30 Talented Residents Arrive at CFC This Week

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    Learn what drew some of the 30 talented new residents who arrived this week to start work in our film, acting and music programs.

  • And the 2017 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Residents Are...

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    Introducing this year's talented directors, editors, producers and writers who will in our Cineplex Entertainment Film Program.

  • Five Festival Faves from TIFF to Look Out for

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    We saw several alumni gems over the Toronto International Film Festival's action-packed 10 days – keep an eye out for them in the coming month.

  • Olivier Sabino


    Olivier Sabino is a Toronto-based director and producer originally from Montreal. Since completing his film studies at L’inis in 2004, he has produced a...

  • Gaku


    Gaku is a one-to-one communication tool that provides a meaningful space to share photos, video, and audio with loved ones across distances, specifically...

  • Sway


    A final encounter between an aging woman and her grandson reveals a surprising and intimate past.

  • Xenophile Media


  • CFC Talent Onscreen and Behind the Scenes at TIFF 2018

    Press Release

    CFC Talent Onscreen and Behind the Scenes at TIFF 2018 An array of CFC alumni and resident projects, pitches and talks makes CFC a vibrant industry presence...

  • Dreemer


    A surreal love story about a nineteen year old girl with the personality of an abused dog, and her oppressively misguided boyfriend.

  • Winter Sun


    Iona has been cold for fifteen years since her brother went away. Now he returns, bringing the heat of a winter sun with him. When he falls in love with her...

  • Skinheads


    A jobless 30-year-old living with his mother has delusions of grandeur when skinheads surround their house. In trying to penetrate the skinhead's master...