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  • Slaight - Official Entertainment


  • The Future of Work for Creators in an Evolving Entertainment Ecosystem

    News Item

    On March 29, 2019, the CFC attended the first “Breakfast at TIFF” session of the year, on “The Future of Work for Creators,” with panelists discussing how to...

  • Mark Linao


    Mark Linao is is the principal in the Los Angeles office of Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund (AET Fund). Linao was previously an Associate at Technicolor Ventures and Director of Corporate Development and Strategy at Technicolor, as well as Linao...

  • Tara Boire


  • Notes from Silicon Beach: A Think-Tank with Clout in Immersive and Digital Media

    News Item, we hear perhaps too much about “influencers” and not enough about those who earn real clout by impacting real-world outcomes. When it comes to media and entertainment technology, it’s hard to find any organization with more long-term influence than the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).

  • Alexandra Brown


    Alex is a media and digital executive who has been an early employee in launching and building the brand, market presence, partnerships, and communities for...

  • Jad Al Rabbaa


    Jad Al Rabbaa is a multidisciplinary digital designer with 10 years of professional experience. He combines his User Interface and User Experience skills...

  • Manik Perera Gunatilleke


    Manik Gunatilleke is a designer and artist working with emerging technology for immersive spatial design. With an interest in exploring the manifestation of...

  • Sara Gazzaz


    Sara Gazzaz is an artist and a designer who holds an honours BA in Graphic Design and MFA in Digital Futures. Gazzaz has exhibited her mixed media artwork in...

  • Marseille Meets Toronto at CFC Media Lab to Explore the Future of XR

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    What do you get when you cross cutting-edge technology in XR with other commercial industries? The next computing platform and the future of life as we know...

  • Don't Dumb It Down! with Michael Vogel


    On June 17, 2019 the CFC presented "The DHX Experience: Don’t Dumb It Down", a full-day forum with acclaimed writer and producer, Michael Vogel. The day...

  • Yiyi Shao


    Yiyi Shao is a maker, programmer and designer with two Bachelor degrees in Design and Digital Arts, and is a candidate for a Master’s in Digital Futures at...

  • AVA Animation & Visual Arts


    Product Description: We specialize in projection mapping and interactive content for immersive spaces. Our services include: custom made projection...

  • Aaron Bushkowsky


    Manik Gunatilleke is a designer and artist working with emerging technology for immersive spatial design. With an interest in exploring the manifestation of...

  • Michelle McBane


    Michelle McBane is passionate about working with amazing technology entrepreneurs. As a Senior Investment Director at the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund,...

  • Announcing Cohort 8 of the IDEABOOST Accelerator

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    Meet the seven companies and founders of Cohort 8 joining the IDEABOOST Accelerator, which got underway on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

  • Katie Micak


    Katie Micak is an artist and a researcher. Her work is concerned with understanding the affective impact of emerging technology. Her current project “The...

  • Bright Eyes


    For Alberta “Spoon” Reyes, life was pleasant. “Bright Eyes” technology meant that death was abstract, fear was an illusion, and rage was a mystery. When a...

  • Nadine Lessio


    Nadine Lessio is an artist and technologist who likes making and breaking things. Her past work building weird game controllers has been shown at The AGO,...

  • Shreeya Tyagi


    My name is Shreeya Tyagi, I was born and brought up in India and have lived and travelled in different countries. I have a diploma in Textile Design...

  • Ted Brunt


  • Virtualware: An IDEABOOST Case Study Profile

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    Virtualware's Joss Monzon and David Moreno talked to us about how IDEABOOST has helped them expand the Spanish company’s North American reach, and shared an...

  • FAQ


    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) Q: What kind of tangible results does the Fifth Wave Initiative seek to deliver? A: First and foremost, Fifth Wave...