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  • Elizabeth Fraser


    ENGLISHElizabeth Fraser is a screenwriter who brings a decade of experience within the film and television industry to her dramatic scripts. As an essayist...

  • Elizabeth Levine


    Liz has over a decade of experience in film and television. She started in the business in Toronto with Moses Znaimer’s CityTV. Since that time, she has...

  • Elizabeth Coleman


    Elizabeth Coleman Like Erykah Badu, I’m a woman composed of many names—inherited, bestowed or earned. My fascination for names and naming seems to be...

  • Elizabeth Littlejohn


    Elizabeth is a professor in the Communication, Culture and Information Technology program at Sheridan College, a joint program with University of Toronto at...

  • Little Bandits


    Little Bandits Glass is a turn-based duelling game for two players. Each player chooses two moves per turn, then watches the duel play out. Will you aim,...

  • Mobile Mysteries


    Mobile Mysteries is a wireless, interactive murder mystery role-playing game, whereby players receive clues and instructions via text on their cell...

  • The Feeler


    An isolated blind man and a visitor are drawn to one another in this poignant story of fear and longing.

  • Introducing the 2018 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Residents

    News Item

    Announcing the new residents of the 2018 Cineplex Entertainment Film Program.

  • The Reaper


    Death hides in plain sight on the streets of Paris where Sarah exists as a “reaper” tasked with summoning people to their afterlife through a single touch. A...



    In a forgotten neighbourhood of Toronto, two reclusive shoemakers run Mr. Happy Shoe Repair. Fragile yet deliberate, Carey polishes shoes while the...



    Servants of Blood is a haunting look at the legend of Elizabeth Bathory, the 16th century Countess who brutally tortured, raped and murdered more than 650...

  • November Volunteer Spotlight

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    Thank you to our outstanding volunteers who have helped us work on many of our productions over the course of the 2015 Cineplex Entertainment...

  • Little Guy Games


    Product Description: Little Bandits Little Bandits Glass is a turn-based duelling game for two players built for Google Glass in the ideaBOOST/Mind Pirate...

  • Kato Wake


    A creative thinker and a visual designer, Kato Wake has a 25 year history of successfully creating ads, books and logos, building web sites, writing...

  • Gary Slaight

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    Gary Slaight began his career in 1973 as Media Estimator for McLaren Advertising. In 2000, he took the position of President and Chief Executive Officer...

  • Five Alumni Films Screen at Hot Docs 2015

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    The lineup for the 2015 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (Hot Docs) was announced on March 17, 2015. This year marks the 22nd edition of...

  • CFC Media Lab’s COLLISIONS VR Salon Invigorates @ The 14th Factory

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    A packed house of VR producers, technologists, art world figures and students were treated to an invigorating conversation at CFC Media Lab’s COLLISIONS...

  • CFC Alumni & Resident Roundup: Updates & Successes (October/November 2017)

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    CFC alumni are continually making waves in the Canadian and international screen-based entertainment industries – from awards to industry recognition, “it...

  • Cineplex Entertainment supports emerging Canadian filmakers at CFC

    Press Release

    TORONTO, February 13, 2008 – CFC (Canadian Film Centre) and Cineplex Entertainment L.P. (TSX:CGX.UN) announced today, a five-year, $1,000,000 corporate...

  • Photo Diary @ The 14th Factory

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    Photographs from CFC Media Lab’s COLLISIONS VR Salon event at The 14th Factory in L.A.

  • Piers Handling

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    Piers Handling is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of TIFF. He has held this position since 1994, responsible for leading both the operational and...