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  • To Be Continued


    Evan is a bullied high school senior who decides to take his own life a week before prom only to discover he has the ability to ‘respawn’...

  • Don't Talk To Irene


    Irene is 16, fat, friendless and tired of being a loser. She’s determined that this year is going to be different—Irene is going to become a...

  • Don't Miss the AGO's Small Wonders: The VR Experience

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    Check out the sublime virtual reality (VR) experience and exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

  • Don't Miss OCAD University and CFC Media Lab's Digital Futures Grad Program Info Night

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    The Digital Futures Graduate Program at OCAD University, in partnership with the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, provides core digital knowledge...

  • Norman Jewison to be Honoured at 38th Annual Ghent Film Festival

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    Congratulations to CFC Founder and Chair Emeritus Norman Jewison, who will be honoured this month at the 38th Annual Ghent Film Festival in Ghent, Belgium....

  • The Sadness of Johnson Joe Jangles


    A young couple boards a train heading west with an unborn baby in the womb and a dream of a new and prosperous life in the frontier town of New Pinko. Their...

  • Rosalind Mills


    Rosalind began her career as a singer, achieving her degree in voice from the University of Toronto. She then went on to perform with Theatre Calgary,...

  • Five Hot Docs to Watch Out For

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    Five of our favourite docs on creativity and digital technologies from Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, which ran from April 26 to May 6...

  • Chez Amore


    Some restaurants serve food, but Chez Amore serves love. Just don't ask for the Blueplate special. You might get more than you bargained for.

  • How Network Connect Startups Tackle B2B Sales

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    This year, we’ve been holding a new series of events in Toronto for our Network Connect companies. These “knowledge exchanges” bring our community of...

  • Startup Spotlight: Adam Adelman of Nex Band

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    CEO Adam Edelman, a member of Cohort 6 of CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST, shares a couple of his favourite Nex Band features and the toughest lesson he’s learned...

  • Found Wanting


    Why didn't you...? Why don't you...? Why won't you...?Found Wanting is a multimedia installation piece that taps into the inner guilt associated with the...

  • Sarah Polley


    Sarah Polley is an actress and director renowned in her native Canada for her political activism. Blessed with an extremely expressive face that enables...

  • ​Spotlight on Slaight Music Residency Alumni

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    With the nominations for the 2017 Slaight Music Residency now open to new applicants, past alumni shared how the program has shaped their professional...

  • Alumnus Blain Watters on Inside the Story Room and Lessons Learned from the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program

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    Get a glimpse into the elusive writers room from one of our 2013 Bell Media Prime Time TV Program alumni, Blain Watters, and don't forget that...

  • Kristin Somborac


    Toronto-based producer Kristin Somborac has been working in the film business since 1998. She is a graduate of the 2008 Producer’s Lab at the Canadian Film...

  • Heather Jackson


    Heather is a screenwriter and small town fugitive. She escaped her rural roots for the big city by attending Ryerson University’s Radio & Television Arts...

  • Sherren Lee


    Sherren Lee is the founder of Sunday Afternoon Productions and has been writing, directing and producing her own independent work since 2009. In February...

  • David Brisbin


    David Brisbin has productoion designed over 20 feature films ranging from independents likeDrugstore Cowboy, My Own Private Idaho and In the Cut to popular...

  • Alumni Profile: Pat Whelan

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    Meet Pat Whelan, co-founder of Paddle HR, a talent technology company that helps large enterprises keep their best talent by improving internal mobility.

  • Andrew De Angelis Explores the Second Coming in His First Series, ‘What Would Sal Do?’

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    Hear more from CFC alumnus and series creator Andrew De Angelis on 'What Would Sal Do?', which premieres on Crave TV March 24, 2017.

  • Joel Wegner


  • Sheila McCarthy


    Sheila McCarthy Actress Sheila McCarthy is a Canadian film, stage, television actress, and singer. She is one of the most honoured actors in Canada,...

  • Alex Brueckner


    Alex Brueckner has specialized in editing and post-production for ten years. Since graduating from Ryerson University's Film Studies program, Brueckner has...

  • Annie Murphy


    After having graduated from Concordia University's Theatre Performance program, Annie moved to Toronto to pursue her acting career. She can be seen in indie...