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  • Jamie King


  • Bill Kouretsos


    Bill Kouretsos has been developing applications commercially on a variety of platforms for over 7 years ranging from web to mobile gaming. He is currently...

  • Bill Marks


  • Karen A. King


    Engagement, Enhancement and Excellence! Karen's win-win bottom up diversity strategies fly in the face of the top down philosophy that has limited progress...

  • ​CFC Remembers ALLAN KING, 1930 - 2009

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    On June 15, 2009, Allan King one of Canada's most accomplished filmmakers, passed away surrounded by his family. Allan was a true trailblazer as a director...

  • Patrick Tarr


    Patrick Tarr worked for many years in many jobs in film & TV production before attending the Canadian Film Centre Writers’ Lab. While there, Patrick co-wrote...

  • Cramps


    A film about memory, grandfathers and menstrual cramps.

  • Little Bandits


    Little Bandits Glass is a turn-based duelling game for two players. Each player chooses two moves per turn, then watches the duel play out. Will you aim,...

  • Tammy Marlowe-Johnson


    Tammy Marlowe Johnson is a latchkey kid, raised on The Wonder Years, The Golden Girls, Night Court, Survivor, The Fifth Estate, anything on A&E with Bill...

  • Denise Blinn


    Denise Blinn is an award winning screenwriter, playwright and director. Among others, she won the WGC’s Jim Burt Prize for her feature script 1936 and a...

  • Kevin Kincaid


    Kevin Kincaid grew up outside of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where he learned the importance of regionalism at an early age – everything from knowing where your...


    Press Release Events. The evening's entertainment throughout the dinner features musical performances by: Mike Ross, Jessica Mitchell, Bobby Bazini, with accompaniment by Bill King, courtesy of Slaight Music. Plus, current Slaight Music Residents, Adaline, Robyn Dell'Unto and Matthew O'Halloran will perform in The Carlu's Round Room durin...

  • Luke Minaker


  • The Passion of John Ruskin


    Set in 1850's London, a tale of the scandalous marriage of a great scholar whose only knowledge of women comes from the art he studies.

  • Michael Eisner


    Raised in Toronto, Michael Eisner graduated from Studio 58 in Vancouver. Of his various stage credits Michael received a Jessie Award “Significant Artistic...

  • The Big Con


    Bill Jones and George Devol are done with their small time cons and embark on a quest to pull off what’s come to be known as the big con or long con for the...

  • Alex Levine


    A reformed lawyer, Alex Levine has been writing for television for over a decade. Among other credits, Alex has written for “Stargate Atlantis” (SyFy), “The...

  • 2014 DGC Awards Nominations Announced

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    Congratulations go out to all of our alumni who are either receiving nominations or have been vital parts of these films, shorts, television series,...

  • Rayne Zukerman


    Rayne Zukerman founded Zazie Films with partner Dominic Desjardins in 2008. Zazie Films produced the feature film LE DIVAN DU MONDE, a road movie that played...

  • Celebrating 30 Years of the CFC at the 2018 CFC Annual Garden Party

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    Rain and shine, our 300 guests enjoyed the 2018 CFC Annual Garden Party on Wednesday, June 27.

  • Have a Remote Holiday with Canadian TV Specials for the Whole Family

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    Since it is the start of December and several major holidays are around the corner, we thought it was about time to share a few of our favourite Canadian...

  • Chandler Levack


    My background in cultural criticism makes me an observant and entertaining writer and journalist. I have been nominated for two Canadian National Magazine...

  • Venue


    Hyatt Regency Toronto King Ballroom 370 King Street West Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J9 Canada t. 416.343.1234 Web:

  • Sarah Allen


    Sarah Allen was raised in Nelson, BC and completed the acting program at the National Theatre School of Canada. Early credits include supporting roles...