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  • Andrew Rosen


    Executive Producer / Producer of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil. After graduating from McGill University in 1994 with a B.Sc. in Anatomy, Andrew Rosen volunteered on short films at the Canadian Film Centre (finding little work in freelance human dissection.) He soon landed his dream job as Assistant to the Di...

  • Andrew Kelm


  • Andrew Opala


    Team builder with a love of useful and innovative technology that is economically efficient for the business and ethical for society: leading a small band of...

  • Andrew Barnsley


    Andrew Barnsley is a Gemini-nominated Executive Producer at Project 10 Productions Inc., an international award winning production company committed to...

  • Andrew Mallis


    Andrew Mallis is a 2003 Fine Arts graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design. There, he served two terms as Chair of the Student Union, co-founding the...

  • Andrew Johnston


    Critically acclaimed BBC creative brings everything he learned in the worlds of entertainment and academic psychology, combines it with practical...

  • Andrew Currie


    Andrew was a founding partner in Anagram Pictures (MILE ZERO, ELIJAH, THE DELICATE ART OF PARKING, FIDO.) He graduated with a film degree from Simon Fraser...

  • Andrew Malabre


    Originally from Winnipeg, Andrew made the move to Toronto in 2003 after being accepted to the Second City Training Center. He worked his way through the...

  • Andrew Brady


    Andrew brings more than 17 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, direct response and general advertising and marketing to his role as Synergy...

  • Andrew Forbes


    I'm excited about visual storytelling in all its forms. I started my career in film and television production in the camera department and have been working...

  • Andrew Currie


  • Andrew Kines


    I am a freelance video and film editor in Toronto. Extensive experience with AVID and FCP as an offline editor and online and colour correction. Worked with...

  • ​Andrew Moussa


  • Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith


    Toronto-based producer, Andrew Smith, started in publishing and moved over to film to work on a FOX/ABC-affiliate comedy "Edge with Jake". His films have...

  • Andrew De Angelis


    Until recently, Andrew’s only claim-to-fame was as a pioneer of childhood obesity. Not one to rest on his chubby laurels, Andrew enrolled into CFC Prime Time...

  • Andrew Rai Berzins


    Of Scottish/Latvian ancestry, Andrew Rai Berzins was born in the Salvation Army Hospital in Ottawa, Canada. In a decade of professional typing/head-banging,...

  • Andrew Bailey


    Andrew Bailey is Chief Executive Officer, North America at The&Partnership.His ability to navigate the intersection of brand and digital has made him a...

  • Andrew Barrett


    Andrew Barrett Marketing Consultant Speaking at Buffer Festival Industry Day on Thursday, October 16 @ 10:45am Andrew began his career in packaged goods at...

  • IN MEMORIAM: Andrew McKenzie Hull

    Press Release

    On Saturday, May 8th filmmaker, production designer, artist and alumnus Andrew Hull was killed in a tragic bicycle accident in London England.Andrew had just...

  • Andrew De Angelis Explores the Second Coming in His First Series, ‘What Would Sal Do?’

    News Item

    Hear more from CFC alumnus and series creator Andrew De Angelis on 'What Would Sal Do?', which premieres on Crave TV March 24, 2017.

  • The Dog Walker


    A love-struck dog walker discovers his darker side after a terrible accident with his favorite actress' pet.

  • Squeezebox


    Teen accordion prodigy and compulsive organ squeezer, Bradley Bachs, wrestles with proto-Freudian angst as he tries to reunite the family band after his...

  • The River of Blood


    Somali-born K’naan strives to become a voice for his nation through his music, while trying to reconcile conflicting influences of his culture that pull him...