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  • Adam Goldhammer


    Adam Goldhammer is a Toronto-based filmmaker whose work has screened internationally and has been nominated for numerous awards. His short films have played in festivals acros...

  • Adam Azimov


    Adam Azimov is an award-winning director based in Toronto and L.A. His short film SILENT CARGO won Best Short Film at the ReelWorld Film Festival and...

  • Adam Brodie


    Adam's short films have screened internationally around the world, including Toronto International Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival,...

  • Adam Barken


  • Adam Folk


    Adam Folk is a New York City-based producer who has been a partner at Belladonna Productions since 2005 and the President of Bullet Pictures since 2009. He...

  • Adam Leon


    Way back in 1996 I started making graphics for a local ISP and a local online business directory. Since then I've designed and developed, made graphics move...

  • Adam Higgs


  • Adam Rabie


    With a background in economics and software engineering, Adam tries to marry both fields to disrupt the fintech space. Adam has a passion for big data, data...

  • Adam Avenger


    Ten year old Adam learns who his mom and dad really are when his imaginary superhero world collides with the reality of his parents’ separation.

  • Adam Locke-Norton


    Adam Locke-Norton was born on March 24, 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is known for his work on 10-Speed (2001), Morris (2006) and Personal...

  • Adam in the Wall


    After filmmaker Adam witnesses his brother’s death, all acting feels inauthentic and all movies shallow and contrived. Compelled to capture truth on...

  • Adam Semple


    Adam Semple is currently advising a number of different start-ups including AI and blockchain based technologies. Previously he was the Community Manager for...

  • Adam Ivers

    Staff Member

    Adam Ivers joined Omnicom Media Group’s Highway Entertainment in early 2007 as Executive Vice President where he was responsible for overseeing the...

  • Startup Spotlight: Adam Adelman of Nex Band

    News Item

    CEO Adam Edelman, a member of Cohort 6 of CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST, shares a couple of his favourite Nex Band features and the toughest lesson he’s learned...

  • Grace Glowicki Gets Personal in the Short Film 'Her Friend Adam'

    News Item

    Grace Glowicki is no stranger to short films. She has written and directed numerous skits, short films, and starred in several more. Currently, the CFC...

  • ADAM AVENGER wins Best Short Film at ’09 Sprockets Film Festival

    Press Release

    CONGRATULATIONS ADAM AVENGER!The ‘08 Short Dramatic Film Programshort won Best Short Film at Sprockets 2009.CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Imposter


    A teenager isolated on her family's maple syrup farm investigates her mother's eerie behaviour following the unexplained disappearance of her father.



    In the not-so-distant future, Sophie Lamport returns home to her parents’ farm to investigate the circumstances behind her mother’s unexpected suicide....

  • Dave Derewlany


    Dave and Adam Brodie are a writing/directing team that produces comedies in a variety of lengths (short, medium or long) on a variety of formats (tape,...

  • Silent Cargo


    A group of illegal immigrants are smuggled across the ocean in a shipping container; only to have their humanity tested as they run out of food, water and...

  • CFC Alumni Reel in Awards at Canada’s Fall Festivals

    News Item

    The curtains have closed on the 2017 Toronto (TIFF), Atlantic (FIN), Calgary (CIFF), Edmonton (EIFF) and Vancouver (VIFF) International Film Festivals. After...

  • 25th Anniversary of Short Dramatic Film Program Sees Industry Showcase of Five New Short Films

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    On Tuesday night, June 7, we celebrated the 2016 Short Dramatic Film Showcase and the 25th anniversary of CFC’s Short Dramatic Film Program (SDF) at TIFF...