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  • CMPA Joins 2020 CFC Producers' Lab as Lead Sponsor

    Press Release

    ...aja, Sienna Films (Sweetness in the Belly, Cardinal)Lauren Corber, LoCo Motions Pictures (How to Buy a Baby, Detention Adventure)Lori Lozinski, Violator Films (The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open, Never Steady, Never Still)Mark Montefiore, New Metric Media (Letterkenny, Bad Blood)Matt Code, Wildling Pictures (The Silencing, Stardust)Miranda de Pencier,...

  • Whale


    SHORT FILM CALLING CARDIn a small rocky island village on the coast of western British Columbia a young boy, Brady, reluctantly moves in with his...

  • Jala


    Jala is a feisty preteen who dreams of becoming a synchronized swimmer. With tryouts only a few days away, Jala becomes aware of a potential problem...

  • Neutrois


    Neutrios is a personal feminist digital game —a nonlinear interactive novel, created in Twine, speculating on life in a postgender...

  • AI Stylist: What Do I Wear? Mobile Application


    This thesis project is an exploration of the process of getting dressed, and how it’s incredibly complex. The What Do I Wear? mobile application functions as...

  • Samaa Ahmed


    Samaa Ahmed is a designer, fine artist, and writer. Her creative practice is grounded in postcolonial and feminist theory, and her work explores issues of...

  • Lola's Wake


    After being told about a Filipino tradition, Joelle, an impressionable young girl, is convinced that demons will steal her deceased grandmother’s body if she...

  • Bruce Smith


    Bruce Smith was most recently creator and showrunner of Street Legal on CBC. Previously, he was the showrunner of CTV's award-winning drama 19-2 and of...

  • Bright Eyes


    For Alberta “Spoon” Reyes, life was pleasant. “Bright Eyes” technology meant that death was abstract, fear was an illusion, and rage was a mystery. When a...

  • Mackenzie Sinclair


    Mackenzie Sinclair is a Toronto-based writer who cut his teeth in the industry working as a PA on music videos, commercials, and a TV movie. He has since...

  • Meet Four of Our TV Writer-Alumni: Marsha Greene, Julia Holdway, Jordi Mand, Shebli Zarghami

    News Item

    Four alumni of the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program reflect on their time at the CFC and how it has contributed to their successes.

  • Valerie Fox


    Val is on a mission to enable thriving entrepreneurial communities of communities locally, nationally and internationally based on a triple win practice of...

  • Henry Campbell


    A graduate of the CFC’s Bell Media Prime Time TV Program, Henry loves stories about weirdos and society’s failings. In a former life, he was a...

  • Sina Gilani


    An award-winning Iranian-Canadian actor/writer at home in Toronto via Tehran, Sina Gilani started his journey as an audience member and a volunteer before...

  • Personal Wellness


    When Agatha Cotswold-James’s husband and mother-in-law return from a three-month ‘self-actualization quest’ in the desert, they come home disconcertingly...

  • Culture Creates


    Product Description:  Footlight programmatically collects, structures and connects public event information converting it into machine readable code...

  • Capsule Media


    Product Description:  We’ve been working with media assets for more than 20 years. Back when a cloud just meant that rain was in the forecast, we were...

  • Close-up: Writers/Showrunners/Executive Producers Amy and Tassie Cameron of Cameron Pictures

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    Meet the award-winning, prolific and dynamic duo Amy and Tassie Cameron, recipients of the 2019 CFC Award for Creative Excellence.

  • Future Renaissance


    Future Renaissance imagines a distant future society of intelligent machines that only dimly remember humanity. With digital records lost or corrupted, the...

  • Iva Delic


  • Kate Collins


    Kate Collins is a digital product strategist. She is drawn to companies – big or start-up – going through big transformations. She has worked for some...

  • Dikla Revah Sinai


    Dikla Revah Sinai is an illustrator, world builder and product manager with over 20 years of experience. As a Graduate Student at OCAD University in the...