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  • Program Design


    The Writers’ Lab is an immersive conservatory-like forum focused on the creative, collaborative, technical and business aspects of screenwriting. Writers...

  • Onella De Zilva

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  • Tara Boire


  • EssayJack


    Product Description:  EssayJack is a web-based software solution that can be used as a stand-alone (student only) or institutional (LMS-enabled,...

  • Vanessa Crapsi

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  • Brendan Whelton


    Brendan Whelton is a Toronto-based filmmaker and alumnus of the Reykjavik International Film Festival Talent Lab. His production credits include several...

  • Amy Halloran


    Amy Halloran is a writer from Montreal, Quebec and an alumni of the CFC’s Bell Media Prime Time TV Program. Since graduating from Concordia University’s Film...

  • In Memoriam: Amnon Buchbinder

    News Item

    We are deeply saddened to share that our CFC alumnus, guest and mentor, Amnon Buchbinder, died on Saturday, November 30, 2019. He was 61 years...

  • Early 2019 Alumni Wins

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    Check out our alumni’s many wins over the past three months, as we get ready for spring.

  • A Future Brimming with Potential: The 2019 Cineplex Film Program Industry Showcase

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    The 2019 Cineplex Film Program industry showcase was held on Wednesday, December 11 at TIFF Bell Lightbox. A sold-out crowd of CFC alumni and...

  • Teyama Alkamli


    Born in Aleppo and raised in Dubai, Teyama Alkamli is currently a proud Torontonian. Her visually tender and deeply human work deals predominantly with...

  • ​Sarah Selecky Writing School


    Product Description:  The foundation of Sarah Selecky Writing School is downloadable online creative writing program the Story Course. Writers can...

  • CFC Celebrates the World Premiere of Four Alumni Films at TIFF 2019

    Press Release

    CFC Celebrates the World Premiere of Four Alumni Films at TIFF 2019 CFC productions 'MEASURE' and 'FLOOD' selected for TIFF’s celebrated Short Cuts Program,...

  • Meet Four of Our TV Writer-Alumni: Marsha Greene, Julia Holdway, Jordi Mand, Shebli Zarghami

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    Four alumni of the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program reflect on their time at the CFC and how it has contributed to their successes.

  • Decade in Review: CFC’s 10 Biggest Moments of the 2010s

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    From the launch of new programs, to unveiling a new building, creating an award, developing groundbreaking content and talent – and more – the CFC has never...

  • IDEABOOST Alumni Company The Discourse Launches Independent News Challenge

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    IDEABOOST Cohort 7 company, The Discourse, launches a new project with support from The The Facebook Journalism Project and Inspirit Media: the...

  • Taking Canadian Talent to New Levels: Introducing the 2019 Cineplex Film Program Residents

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    Discover the 17 new residents who will be joining us for the five-and-a-half-month Cineplex Film Program at the CFC on Monday, July 15.

  • Roney


    Toronto-based filmmaker Roney’s acclaimed surrealist comedy, Glitter’s Wild Women, premiered in the short film program at the 2018 Toronto International Film...

  • The 2018 CBC Actors Conservatory Showcase: Celebrating 10 Years of Remarkable Actors

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    The 2018 CBC Actors Conservatory Showcase took place on Tuesday, February 26 at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

  • Alexandra Brown


    Alex is a media and digital executive who has been an early employee in launching and building the brand, market presence, partnerships, and communities for...

  • March Alumni Updates: Audiences Find Comfort in CanCon

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    This March, CanCon is keeping audiences company, as viewers all over the world look to it for entertainment and solace while they practice social and...

  • Isa Benn


    An award-winning screenwriter, playwright, filmmaker and multi-media/disciplinary creator, Isa Benn is a first-generation Torontonian of African and...

  • Agnes Dec


    Agnes Dec is a Toronto-based film editor with a range of experience in feature films, television, commercials and music videos. She co-edited the Canadian...

  • Andrew Jeffrey


    Andrew Jeffrey is an award-winning Canadian director whose films are noted for their ambitious scope and precise visual style, while being entertaining and...

  • Karen Chapman


    Born to Guyanese parents, award-winning filmmaker Karen Chapman has screened her work everywhere from subway displays, airplanes and hospital lounges to...