Dustin Harvey

Dustin Harvey




UK-Canada Immersive Exchange


I am an artist who works hard to develop projects that speak both to me and others about a beauty found in the shared experience. Over the years, I invited people to slow dance with each other in disused storefronts, confess secrets to a scene partner thousands of kilometres away through text message, and engage with strangers in public locations and busy city street corners from Aarhus, Denmark to Whitehorse, Yukon. Most of the work I do is collaborative in some way and connected to XOSECRET (Secret Theatre, Halifax). Recently, my interests have been leading me to grow and evolve. I do not merely want audiences to engage. With thoughtful, playful intervention, I aim to give people a feeling they are at the heart of the experience. I am currently the Creative Director on a new VR project entitled Awake And Still Drowning produced by the National Film Board of Canada.