Archita Ghosh

Archita Ghosh




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Archita Ghosh runs the business side of award-winning Montreal-based animation house and digital tools lab, e→d films. Since joining as a partner in 2013, she has brought the studio from a small atelier to a burgeoning high-potential enterprise with expanding international impact.

Archita has most recently produced shorts and animated segments for: National Geographic Museum, Mindfuel Alberta, BBC, the National Film Board of Canada, and EyeSteel Film. She continues to grow the business through e→d films’ own creative and technical projects including: “Giant Bear”, “Hairy Hill”, “Elemnted”, “Yanzi Papier, and “Walky Talky”, as well as a series of popular process tutorials on YouTube, and e→d films’ own line of digital tools involving cinematic animation plug-ins for Unity, Maya, After Effects, and Photoshop.

Archita’s 20 plus years international experience as an engineer was a useful pre-cursor to her most recent years in animation.