Humberly Gonzalez

Humberly Gonzalez




CBC Actors Conservatory


Humberly Gonzalez was born and raised in the city of Punto Fijo, Venezuela. Her film and television credits include Saving Hope, Shadowhunters, Orphan Black and Kodachrome. Gonzalez also collaborated with Ubisoft as a motion capture performer in an upcoming video game directed by Zeke Norton. She recently played the lead in the CFC production, STARFIGHTERS, Laura Good’s Bell Media Prime Time TV Showcase piece. Gonzalez’s passion for television and film started when she took part in Don McKellar’s short film, It’s Not You, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival Shorts Program in 2015 and then went to the Sundance Film Festival. She holds a Visual and Performing Arts Diploma from Keyano College, and is a 2015 graduate of The National Theatre School of Canada