Spencer Creaghan

Spencer Creaghan




Slaight Music Residency

Spencer Creaghan is a composer, orchestrator, songwriter and producer. His work spans media, including film, theatre, webseries, video games, advertisements, film company bumper-logos and a children’s theme park. His music has been heard in festivals such as TIFF’s Canada Top Ten for Cupid (2016), the Cannes Film Festival for the short film Legs (2013), the LA Webseries Festival for Teenagers, and both the Hamilton and Toronto Fringe Festivals for the theatrical productions of Here and Drafts. Creaghan has received awards for his music, including the 2015 Reel Music Awards for his score to The Priest, the London Music Award for Favourite Composer in 2012 and SOCAN Young Audio/Visual composer awards for the following: Best Score, Fiction in 2015 for the short thriller Lola and in 2013 for the short Accursed; Best Score, Non-Fiction in 2013 for the documentary short The Dirigible Journey; and Best Score, Animation in 2014 for One Way. Creaghan is a sought-after orchestrator for pop and heavy metal artists like Lindsay Schoolcraft, Devilment, and Mirellia.