Marylin Ma

Marylin Ma


Spring 2016




Marylin, the Co­founder and CEO of Navi, is deeply rooted in the startup community. Previously, as a manager at Communitech, she advised 100+ early stage tech startups in the Waterloo Region on their customer discovery and validation processes. She also built and managed two accelerator programs. The Communitech Rev Accelerator readies tech companies for scale­up by helping them develop repeatable, scalable sales and marketing processes. She also worked with the Google for Entrepreneurs team in Mountain View to deliver a co­working accelerator and invaluable support in customer acquisition, talent acquisition, and fundraising. She has advised many startups from one founder one idea, to now strong teams generating six­figure monthly recurring revenue. She has been an invited speaker, judge, and mentor for organizations such as IEEE, Startup Next, and University of Waterloo.