Sophie Perceval

Sophie Perceval


Spring 2013




Sophie Perceval is an Art and Tech French entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. Sophie co-founded multi-award-winning application Wondereur in late 2012 - empowering citizens to buy art. A graduate of Sorbonne University as well as top business schools in Europe, Sophie directed the Design and Publishing department of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris for close to five years. While working directly with luminary artists such as David Lynch, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Ron Mueck, she built an international network in the publishing industry and created several books with Gerhard Steidl. When she moved to Toronto, her contagious passion for art lead her to collaborate with the National Film Board of Canada and the national public broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada. With TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Olivier Berger, she created acclaimed interactive experience Wondereur, transforming the way people connect with art and inspiring citizens around the world to build their own museum-quality collections.