Nathon Gunn

Nathon Gunn


Spring 2013




I'm a serial entrepreneur. I aim to be insightful, creative and visionary. I care about positive social change. My strength has been creating disruptive innovation in social and media technology. I love startups and I've also worked closely with CEOs, world leaders and international non-profits to address change. With a mixed science and arts background I've at various times been a CEO, programmer, designer, artist, filmmaker, strategist, investor and/or advisor to others.

I care about entrepreneurs and artists. I've made key introductions, angel investments and/or provided accelerator environments for a range of great companies, including Fingerprint/K2 Labs (now invested in by Corus), S-Trip (now serving 40,000 students/year), AdParlor (now managing over a billion Facebook impressions/day, sold to AdKnowledge in 2011), and BxB (w/ P2P tech pioneer Jason Roks) plus newer startups such as Bootstrap.

Some accomplishments include:

18 years of unbroken entrepreneurship; founder of Bitcasters, Social Game Universe &

Helped launch Citytv & MuchMusic Interactive, Miramax New Media and Bluematter @ Universal Music, initiating significant revenue and shareholder value.

Serial innovator; 1st Grammys backstage webcast (1995), BMG’s 1st enhanced CDs (1995), 1st tools for uploading video and editing via web-browser (Bitcast, 1998), 'Net strategy and grassroots tech for Al Gore recount petition (2000), former Prime Minister Paul Martin leadership bid and election (2001), John Kerry Pledge Your Vote tool (2004), 1st broadcast/web livechat w/animation+live-action (2000), 1st major-label secure digital music format (UMG, 2000).

Successful producer; designed & created 25+ games with partners played over 700m times, directed, edited and/or produced a dozen music videos & commercials (winning MuchMusic Video Awards, BDAs, Emmas, etc.), published books, Music CDs and currently developing films.