Enterprising CultureENTERPRISING CULTURE | Application 2017 

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 N.B: The members of the jury having access to the elements of the application forms guarantee to keep all this information confidential. All financial information provided by the applicants will be destroyed at the outcome of the award ceremony. 


Applicants must submit their completed applications before June 16, 2017.


Applications must be submitted in English, or in both English and French if applicable. 

For French applicants, travel and accommodation in Toronto will be covered for 1 representative of each startup participating in Enterprising Culture. 


Eligibility criteria for Ontario Applicants:

·       You must consider international development in the next 12–36 months to be a priority;

·       You have identified target partners in France;

·       You must be incorporated, a corporation in good standing under the laws of its jurisdiction, and a Canadian controlled private corporation within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada)

·       You are have been successfully accepted into the CFC Media Lab IDEABOOST Network Connect Program

·       This year’s edition will have a special interest on immersion, both contents and technologies, any artistic field included

        You must not have pitched for Enterprising Culture 2016.



Critères d’éligibilité pour les candidats français:

·       Votre priorité est le développement à l’international à échéance de 12 à 36 mois

·       Vous avez ciblé des partenaires au Canada

·       Vous êtes une personne morale immatriculée au Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés en France

·       Vous vous exprimez dans un anglais professionnel courant

·       Vous n’avez pas participé aux pitch de l’édition 2016 d’Enterprising Culture

·       Le dossier de candidature doit être soumis en Français et en Anglais (voir ci-après)

·       Cette année, un intérêt particulier sera porté sur l’immersion, contenus et technologies, toute discipline artistique confondue

You may save your application before submitting. In-progress information is stored up to 10 days only. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Privacy Policy:

CFC will collect your personal information; to allow us to contact you, for statutory and identification purposes and as part of our selection process only. Your personal information is kept in a secure location and access to this information is restricted to persons who require it to fulfill the above functions.


Please write us at ssuraci@cfccreates.com

* Mandatory field

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Please provide summary responses to the following questions. Une présentation synthétique, répondant à ces  questions. 

100 words max per answer

100 words max per answer

100 words max per answer

100 words max per answer

100 words max per answer

100 words max per answer

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Please provide links to any online presentation resources (may be useful for jury/public perception of the project). Veuillez fournir des liens vers tout support de présentation en ligne, utiles à l’appréciation du Jury et du public :

Please provide full URL, including http:// or https:// and any password

Please provide full URL, including http:// or https:// and any password
Social Media Médias sociaux

Two (or three) images (accompanied by photo credits and signed permission for image reproduction. Applicants agree to release these images for appropriate use.) Deux (ou trois) illustrations (accompagnées du crédit photo et d’une autorisation signée de reproduction. Les start-ups candidates garantissent de tout recours à cet égard) 

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Supplementary Materials  Matériaux complémentaires

Acceptable file types include: PDF, Powerpoint & Keynote - please limit files to 15MB

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