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With the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook and with heavy investments into the VR landscape from companies like Google, Samsung and Sony, VR is accelerating rapidly, with industry revenues predicted to reach the billion dollar mark before 2020. In 2016, VR has finally made the transition from prototype to commercial launch, and is poised to become the next big platform for media and entertainment.

In preparation of the impending VR revolution, CFC Media Lab is developing a number of productions and programs to help answer important questions about how we as viewers will react to this new imposing medium, how creators will tell stories in this future, and how VR as an industry will evolve.


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Interactive and Immersive Media

Fiery Sparks of Light

Produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, this experience is a CFC Media Lab and York University Immersive Storytelling Lab co-production, in partnership with The Griffin Trust for Excellence In Poetry, and supported by OCAD University. Fiery Sparks of Light is an immersive and sensory celebration of poetry and the important contributions women poets have made to Canada’s international literary reputation. The production reimagines a collection of poems by four renowned Canadian women poets - Margaret Atwood, Nicole Brossard, Canisia Lubrin and Sarah Tolmie - as an augmented reality experience featuring holographic performances. Year: 2021. Genre: AR.

Mother of the Forest

This co-production between CFC Media Lab and OCAD University through their joint  Digital Futures Program is an immersive experience that explores a sequoia tree’s ecosystem through embodied perspectives of various species. Scientific information gathered from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks experts is articulated in a combination of 360 video, digital environment design, and interactivity and exhibit the hidden truth, beauty and precarity at play in this ecology. Through the illustration of symbiotic relationships, it asks users to contemplate their own role in intertwined ecologies impacted by human activity, resulting in biodiversity decline and climate change. Year: 2019. Genre: VR documentary - 360 video with interactive animated scenes.

Small Wonders: The VR Experience

Produced by CFC Media Lab, Seneca College School of Creative Art & Animation, and AGO conservateur Lisa Ellis, this VR experience was one of the first uses of virtual reality to enhance a major international art exhibition’s attendee experience, by taking users inside one of the more than 50 rare and detailed boxwood carvings of prayers beads – each one small enough to fit in the palm of a hand – made visible through the power of micro-computed tomography (micro-CT). Year: 2016. Genre: VR installation.

Made This Way: Redefining Masculinity

A co-production of CFC Media Lab and Cinehackers by Irem Harnak and Elli Raynai, with additional support from DepthKit and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB),  Made This Way: Redefining Masculinity, composed of photographs and virtual reality volumetric testimonials, is an interactive mixed-media documentary that explores how transgender subjects are challenging gender norms and redefining traditional masculinity. Year: 2018. Genre: VR documentary, mixed media installation.

CFC Animated VR: Yumi and Boom

Produced by CFC Media Lab and Seneca College School of Creative Art & Animation, under the creative direction of Lillian Chan,  Yumi and Boom is an animated, interactive, episodic VR series for tweens that brings the power of mindfulness and short-form character-driven stories together in the immersive media space. Year: 2017. Genre: VR episodic series.

Distributed: A Beginning

Produced by CFC Media Lab and directed by award-winning animator and filmmaker Justin Stephenson, this VR experience examines corporate growth and a path towards a more inclusive future, based on Douglas Rushkoff’s book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. Year: 2017. Genre: VR short.

CFC VR Sketches Series

CFC VR Sketches is an ongoing series of VR pieces, produced by CFC Media Lab, that explore the grammar of this new VR language. Productions are either developed internally or in co-production with VR studios and creators. Recent sketches include TimeTravelGuided Virtual Reality Tours, in co-production with the Institute of Indigenous Futures (IIF) and artist Skawanetti Fragnito, and Qualia Zen Eagle,in co-production with Mobio Interactive. The former tests how live performances in a metaverse like Second Life feels in VR, while the latter is an eagle-flying simulator that responds to users’ physical actions and brainwaves. Year: 2015. Genre: VR.


Canadian Genre-VR Film Series

CFC Media Lab premiered the Canadian Genre VR Film Series, presented in association with Fantasia Film Festival, Cream Productions and Telefilm Canada, at Cannes Marché NEXT Programme in May 2016, featuring the following productions:

Body/Mind/Change Redux Teaser, a CFC Media Lab production in co-production with TIFF and in association with Occupied VR, stars David Cronenberg and immerses audiences in a “Cronenbergian” world inspired by his film Videodrome.

Technolust: The Short Film,an OccupiedVR production, is a taste of the award-winning virtual reality adventure set in a near-future Cyberpunk world, made for Oculus Rift.

In The Closet, a CFC Media Lab production, a young man investigates strange supernatural forces in his new home when he discovers an even stronger, insatiable force where he least expects it.

In War of the Dead mayhem surrounds Civil War soldiers when zombies overtake the battle trenches in a virtual reality onslaught of blood and guts. 

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Archive Productions


The Great Canadian Story Engine was produced by CFC in partnership with the CBC for the millennium celebrations. It was Canada’s first user-generated content site; it allowed Canadians to post personal stories from a travelling Airstream trailer. It was based on the prototype developed in CFC Media Lab’s TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program by alumni Tessa Sproule, Jason Cliff, Kato Wake, Rena Dempsey and Rand Ardell. Year: 2000.


Late Fragment was North America's first interactive feature film. Produced by CFC in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada, the film was written and directed by Daryl Cloran, Anita Doron and Mateo Guez. The film focuses on three strangers, whose lives are fractured by thoughts and acts of seething violence. In this interactive feature film, the viewer is able to unravel the interlocked stories with a simple click. Year: 2007. Genre: Interactive feature film.


CFC Media Lab worked with TELUS and the Royal Conservatory of Music to present an installation called Musical Rumble: Jazz vs Classical during Nuit Blanche 2010. The interactive installation featured the Madawaska String Quartet representing classical music and The Occhipinti Jazz Ensemble representing jazz. Larger-than-life renderings of the musicians were projected onto the TELUS Centre windows, as viewers battled to choose their favourite musical genre. Year: 2010. Genre: interactive installation.

Cfc Body Mind Change 2014 Feb06 Miketjioe 108 1024x682


Body/Mind/Change (BMC), a digital extension of TIFF’s exhibition David Cronenberg: Evolution, immerses audiences in a “Cronenbergian” world inspired by the film Videodrome, re-imagined for the 21st century and brought to life across three platforms – online, mobile and real-world. Body/Mind/Change features plot lines and game mechanics involving biotechnology startups, body enhancements, emotional learning systems, and presents the plausible science fiction found in Cronenberg’s work as scientific fact. Year: 2013. Genre: Science Fiction.


SHARD, an application for Google Glass, applies live filters, changing the video feed users see with real-time effects they control. Users can wwitch between JJ Abrams-inspired lens flares to kaleidoscopic imagery, move around, play with the effects, capture their creations in a SHARD photo saved on their timeline, and share their masterpieces with others. Year: 2014. Genre: Google Glassware.


What’s Your Essential Cinema, co-produced by CFC Media Lab and TIFF, wass an interactive projection commissioned for the opening of TIFF’s new building, TIFF Bell Lightbox, that projected kinetic images from each of TIFF’s “100 Essential Films” above the box office as the public entered TIFF Bell Lightbox. Year: 2010. Genre: interactive installation.