The CFC / Entertainment One TV Adaptation Lab is an exciting new initiative that affords an unparalleled opportunity for Canadian content creators who own the rights to their creative properties, including comedy, theatre, stand up, novels, novellas, graphic novels, short stories, zines, web series, video games – material of all types, originating from anywhere in the world, that has the potential to be adapted into an exciting television series. The Lab is designed to support Canadian creatives and provide them with the potential to secure a series deal with Entertainment One, the world’s leading independent studio.

Up to 12 projects will be shortlisted to participate in the pitch phase of the program, however, only 3 will be invited to participate in the Lab, which will help the creators develop TV pilot scripts based on their creative properties.


Up to 12 creators will be shortlisted to formally present and pitch their adaptation property in person to CFC and Entertainment One executives. The pitch process will not only provide an opportunity for those content creators to present their ideas on adapting their property, but also to receive feedback and insights on their approach.


The CFC / Entertainment One TV Adaptation Lab is designed to help participants workshop and develop TV pilot scripts for their creative properties.

The Lab will kick off with a three-day in-person adaptation bootcamp in Toronto with the 3 invited creative teams.

This bootcamp will focus on the creative concept process, exploring the television form, and sharing best practices in adapting work. It will host a select number of case studies with top professionals to explore different approaches/opportunities for adapting material to television. With a hands-on approach, the Lab is designed to help participants gain perspective and insights into the adaptation process, while considering which course of action might best serve their properties and set them on an accelerated course for series development.

These 3 creative teams will be given access to key creative mentors who will work with them over a three-month period as they continue to flesh out their creative strategies for the adaptation of their projects to TV and begin drafting their series pilot scripts. The Lab will officially end with the delivery of a draft pilot script and a package of creative pitch materials from each team to Entertainment One for consideration.