The NFB/CFC Creative Doc Lab is designed to push the creative storytelling process, refine and elevate filmmakers’ creative vision, and meet the demands of a shifting industry. This initiative invites four (4) innovative and artful storytellers to engage in an inspiring and rigorous creative development process.


Building on our previous doc programs and embracing exciting changes within the world of feature documentary filmmaking, the CFC and NFB have once again joined forces to deliver a high-level creative and marketplace initiative to support, inspire and accelerate four (4) talented filmmakers with compelling feature documentary projects.

The Creative Doc Lab will invite these filmmakers to engage in an inspiring and rigorous creative development process and enable them to generate and deliver materials that will help catalyze real interest and support for their creative vision and project(s) in the global marketplace. It is designed to push the creative storytelling process, refine creative vision, elevate creative materials, and significantly develop four (4) feature doc concepts for the global marketplace.

The Lab will offer filmmakers group sessions, peer-to-peer collaboration, and individual project mentorship, with guidance from Canada and the world’s top documentary professionals and industry leaders. It is comprised of three (3) in-person modules, ongoing creative development support and check-ins, as well as a proof of concept/teaser component.

In-person modules: The in-person modules will each span 3 to 4 days and will have a specific focus. 

Modules will provide filmmakers with a chance to engage with guests and artists whose perspective and work inspires their creativity and/or exposes them to a range of current creative and practical innovations. They will also offer filmmakers the opportunity to regroup and reassess on their individual project strategies. Each module will be comprised of case studies, master classes, peer-to-peer and guest roundtables, targeted one-on-one counsel and feedback, project strategy check-ins and participation in key industry markets and events.

Remote ongoing support and project development: Peer-to-Peer sessions, individual meetings with project-specific mentors, consultations with additional creative professionals, and regular check-ins with the CFC and the NFB will be scheduled between modules to help filmmakers maintain their momentum and deliver materials to trigger a deeper level of feedback and support.

Proof of concept/teaser: Filmmakers will have access to funds and continued feedback from the CFC/NFB, their project mentors, and additional consultants as required, as they produce demos/trailers/proof of concept/visual pitch as a final component of their packages.