Producers' Lab

Producers' Lab

Producers need to see the big picture. This program constantly exercises your creative and business acumen while you develop and workshop a number of projects and business strategies. Please find additional information below, and if you have any questions, please contact


Designed for producers with a strong creative vision, commitment to team leadership and entrepreneurial instincts, the Cineplex Film Program Producers' Lab is for individuals intent on establishing viable business opportunities in the screen industry.

To apply, you must have producing or production experience, an understanding of the current film and TV marketplace and a project slate which includes a feature-length project at some stage of development.

You must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada to apply.


Project Development

With an individualized focus, you will refine your ability to manage the development process and exercise creative feedback through workshops, writing assignments, story editing sessions and providing notes. Producers will be challenged to identify and articulate the distinctive elements of specific projects while showcasing viability, marketability and saleability within the competitive international marketplace.

Whether your development slate includes dramatic features, documentaries, TV or web series, with the counsel and expertise of international industry experts, you will professionally package key projects. The goal is for you to complete the program with your project at a more advanced stage of development, and the requisite skills to support and package's existing and future properties.

Craft and Collaboration

You will learn how to best support the creative vision of your project while balancing competing practical considerations. Through a series of workshops, simulations, hands-on production exercises and case studies, producers are exposed to a variety of perspectives on the current business landscape.

Each year sessions are customized to meet the needs of the producers, both as a group and individually, as required. You will put into practice your ability to produce and deliver content to the market and leave the program with a more comprehensive understanding of industry expectations and the entire script-to-screen process.

Business and Marketplace

Producers meet regularly with industry leaders working in production, distribution, financing and sales to gain valuable insights on key business considerations. Top experts share knowledge and counsel on best practices, evolving business models and changes in the entertainment and media industries. You will also define your long-term goals and create a strategic business plan to position yourself, and your creative properties, within the global market.


Deadlines and Fees:

Applications for the 2019 Cineplex Film Program are now closed. If you would like more information on this program, please contact

There is a $100 application fee via Paypal at the end of the application process.

Producers' Lab Application Requirements:

Letter of Intent: A one-page description outlining what you hope to achieve by attending the lab. Include your expectations of the program and touch on your immediate and long-term goals as they relate to strengthening your business and creative vision.

Curriculum Vitae: Please provide a current CV.

Filmography: Outlining your producing credits or relevant productions and post production credits in the film/TV industry. All writing, development, production and post-production experience is valid; however, all non-producing experience is to be listed in your Curriculum Vitae. Only produced projects should be included.

Visual Support Materials: Visual support materials submitted should showcase your producing talent, demonstrating the strength of your vision as well as your ability to tell a compelling story. 

This can include film, TV, doc, web, commercials, and/or music videos.
All pieces submitted for review must be in their entirety, including shorts and/or feature films (please do not submit demo reels, clips or trailers).

Provide a link to either a Playlist or Album of projects (in their entirety) in order of preferred viewing, as the selection committee may have limited viewing time and we want to ensure we prioritize what you believe is your strongest work; please specify scenes (time codes) to be viewed from these materials in the Visual Support Synopses.

Please note: we prefer to receive a link to view your materials online, but if that isn’t possible please send us 3 copies on DVD via mail. If you would like your DVDs returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Visual Support Synopses: Provide short synopses (1-2 sentences) of all visual support materials. Include year produced, the running time and a list of key creatives credited on each piece (writer, director, producer, editor) and distribution status (any festival/broadcast/online to date).

Feature Project Producer Statement: Producers spend significant time developing and packaging a feature project over the course of the program. We ask that you submit a 1 paragraph synopsis of the project you are most keen to develop/workshop through the Lab along with a brief producer statement which outlines why this project and its marketplace potential. Please be sure to also include a brief summary of any development history with the projects (i.e. funding, producers, development initiatives).

Please also indicate if your feature is based on source material (play, short story, short film, graphic novel etc.) and that you have the option and/or rights to adapt the material.

Project Slate: We also ask producers to include a project slate with their application. Slates can include Film, TV, documentary and/or web projects. Please submit 1 paragraph synopses of each project, noting genre, stage of development, development/funding history (if applicable), and key creatives attached to the project (if applicable).

2 Letters of Reference: From anyone who is familiar with your producing ability. The letters should emphasize your proven commitment to your craft and be addressed to the ‘Producers’ Lab Selection Committee.’ These can be uploaded with the application, or emailed by the referee to

Please note that at any time during the selection process, we may request additional materials. When uploading the above materials to the application, please include the following in a single PDF, with your name and title of the required document at the top of each page: Letter of Intent, CV/Resume, Filmography, Visual Support Synopses, Feature Project Producer Statement, Project Slate, and 2 Letters of Reference. 


A selection committee comprised of industry professionals and key program staff is assembled and short-lists applicants for interviews.

All applicants will be notified no later than end of March of whether or not they have been short-listed for an interview. Applicants whose submissions are not short-listed will be notified by email. Due to the number of applications we receive, we are not able to give individual feedback at this stage of the process.

The interview is a conversation with the filmmaker about his or her work and who they are, and is intended to assist the committee in determining which candidates will best contribute to and benefit from the program’s design. Prior to the interview we will put you in touch with a recent alumnus or alumna to answer any questions you have about the program, expectations, and design.

Whenever possible, the CFC sets up in-person interviews with those applicants based outside of Ontario. At minimum, phone interviews are arranged.