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The Slaight Family Music Lab

2014 Slaight Music Residency Showcase


The Slaight Music Residency is a creative and business initiative for composers and songwriters. It encourages the complete integration of music creators into the onscreen process while offering unique business opportunities to increase the use of Canadian music in film and TV. 

By providing you with advanced knowledge on how to effectively translate your musical talent to onscreen applications, we will help develop, package and launch your unique musical vision.


  • Nominations Open: April 6, 2015
  • Nominations Close: May 31, 2015
  • Application Deadline: June 12, 2015
  • Selections: May 2015 - July 2015
  • Program Start Date: September 2015
  • Program End Date: June 2016


This is a part-time eight-month program for composers and songwriters that balances artistic expression and creative collaboration with current market demands.

Core Components
  • Enhancing story through music
  • Expanding onscreen work
  • Elevating craft and collaborative skills
  • Building career and business strategies
  • Increases a music creator’s onscreen musical knowledge and skills
  • Brokers countless creative and business opportunities by offering you access to international mentors, creative advisors and industry professionals
  • Inspires creativity and a deeper understanding of the relationship between music and film and TV through high-level case studies and workshops
  • Delivers a series of complex onscreen music exercises and opportunities
  • Expands your reel
  • Builds opportunities to showcase your talent on screen and positions you for work in the screen entertainment industry


Designed for composers and songwriters with a strong creative voice and desire to collaborate, the Slaight Music Residency will help you expand your range and profile of onscreen music.

To apply, composers must have scored at least two of the following: a feature, short film or commercial, or a drama, documentary or lifestyle television program. Songwriters must have written a minimum of two commercially exploited songs in film, television, commercials or released by a record label or have a publishing contract. Both composers and songwriters must have experience working with Logic Pro.

Applicants must be nominated by an established songwriter, professional or gold member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, established film, television, documentary director, producer, showrunner, music supervisor or music executive.

The nominator must email the contact information of the composer or songwriter they are nominating to:

The CFC will follow-up with the composer or songwriter via email and forward the online application instructions.


There is no tuition for the 2014 session. Bursaries are available.


The Slaight Music Residency begins with a practical, multi-week bootcamp consisting of workshops and master classes with top music and onscreen professionals, as well as business and technical experts.

In addition to your initial intensive training, the Slaight Music Residency is a part-time program bringing composers and songwriters together for workshopping opportunities and collaborations with other disciplines.

Enhancing Story through Music

These sessions will immerse you in the creative process examining storytelling from both a visual and musical perspective. You will work with established songwriters, composers and music supervisors in tandem with onscreen storytellers including directors, editors and producers.

Expanding Onscreen Work

The program offers composers and songwriters a number of opportunities to increase their body of onscreen work. These range from internal production exercises to larger-scale promotional pieces that serve as both exercises and showcases for your content.

Elevating Craft and Collaborative Skills

Intensive workshops and sessions will develop your abilities to create effective score and songs and to explore best practices within your respective crafts.

Building Career and Business Strategies

The program expands your professional networks and builds your professional portfolio and collateral.

For any additional questions concerning The Slaight Family Music Lab and the Slaight Music Residency, please email Alaina McGravey at


2014 Slaight Music Residency Showcase

These music Showcases are produced cinematic works based on an original score or song created by our 2013 Slaight Music Residents. Filmed in a single day, these Showcase pieces celebrate the distinct talent of our songwriters and composers and illustrate how music brings life to the moving image.

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