OCAD University’s Super Ordinary Lab looks at near to market or just-in market technologies to understand their social significance and potentialities. Research programs are created on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of technological acquisition, its market standing, partner interest, community uptake, and curricular possibilities.

Eve-Volution, Inc. is an experienced, lean and innovative intersectional feminist consulting and startup skill-building collective. It serves feminist economy stakeholders, incubators, accelerators, economic development organizations, impact investors, corporate innovation teams and policymakers with a focus on designing incubators and accelerator programs that help human-centered and social innovation-led enterprises grow.

Digital Justice Lab focuses on building a more just and equitable future by engaging with diverse communities to build alternative digital futures. Working alongside technologists, community activists, and policymakers, they shape a better understanding of technology and its impact on communities across the country. Through capacity building, public engagement and continuous collaboration, Digital Justice Lab supports communities in making informed decisions around digital issues.

The Pivotal Point shares its unique model for fostering entrepreneurship to bring insights on innovation, creativity and synergy to organizations developing their own incubators and accelerators. Headed by Valerie Fox, co-founder of the DMZ at Ryerson University – Canada’s leading university incubator, ranked as one of the world’s top three.

Marigold Capital offers strategic consulting and fund management in the private market impact investing space, with a focus on social justice in domestic and emerging markets.

SheEO is a radically redesigned ecosystem that supports, finances, and celebrates female innovators. Launched in 2015 in Canada, this visionary model is emerging as a leading global innovation that is totally unique. Rather than trying to fit women into the existing models and systems and level the playing field, they are creating an entirely new field. SheEO pushes the reset button on how to support women on their own terms and focuses on bringing out the best of women by being radically generous to each another. 


The Government of Canada’s first-ever Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES) has committed $2-billion in order to double the number of women-owned businesses by 2025, fostering gender equality in leadership, the empowerment of women, and a net gain of up to $150 billion in GDP.

Across Canada, business leaders now have the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the advancement of gender equity, inclusion and diversity and to foster innovation in the accelerator space by providing additional support to the programs involved in the nationwide WES.

CFC Media Lab’s Fifth Wave Initiative offers companies a range of exciting opportunities to get involved, including:

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  • Fifth Wave Connect – HOSTING Sponsor

To learn how your company can support women founders and entrepreneurs in southern Ontario and the many benefits of sponsorship, contact:

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Nataly De Monte, Associate Director, CFC Media Lab

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